Weekly Photo & Story Prompt | #Skies

This week I am super excited to be guest-hosting for the Turquoise Avenue weekly prompt! A big Thank You to Mandy for the opportunity to be a contributor to her #Hashtagthisweek series. I’ve been a big fan of hers since she started this creative venture nearly a year ago. I encourage you to come play along!

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#Hashtagthisweek Weekly Photo & Story Prompt | #Skies

The weekly photo & story prompt for #Hashtagthisweek is #skies. I stumbled upon this prompt while editing photos of my daughter’s soccer games and a stormy evening from this summer. When I began looking through these photos, the skies in the background literally jumped off the screen at me! They were simply breathtaking and impossible to ignore.

  • I remember taking the pictures of this stormy sky on a steamy summer night and being in awe of how quickly the skies changed as the storm rolled through. It was a pretty big storm. The dark clouds moved in delivering fast & furious rainfall and inexplicable lightning, which led to a gorgeous rainbow and eventually a double rainbow. The lightning continued in the clouds long after the storm had passed. It was an amazing all-natural light show.
  • I purposely snapped the photos of this sunset sky during my daughter’s soccer game because it was providing a luminous backdrop for an early fall evening soccer game. It was simply awesome and glowing from the ground up. Had I not been sitting at this soccer game, I would have most likely missed this gorgeous sunset.
  • On a warm and sunny Sunday afternoon, the late September blue sky was adorned with an ever-changing blanket of clouds. It was the perfect mix of clouds and sunshine, which made for a simply gorgeous day (and Happy Soccer Moms).

The takeaway here is that these skies were not always the main purpose in my photos, but they were definitely captured in my photos and have become a story all their own!


From sunrises to sunsets, from stormy skies s to rainbows, from cotton-candy clouds to clear blue skies, as the skies change so does our mood and sense of place in this world. Skies are ever-present, yet always changing, just like our everyday lives. The skies that fill your world become more meaningful when you stop and take note of their presence, either by simply admiring them or documenting them in some way.

Capture Your Own Sky Story

  • Head outside and capture the different #skies of YOUR week and take note of what caught your eye and how you felt.
  • Go back through some of the photos you have already taken and look at them with a “skies” filter to create a new story–one different from the original purpose of your photo. It’s kind of fun and thought-provoking to come at your photos from different angles and to uncover deeper stories.

I hope you enjoy this week’s prompt. We would love to see your take on the weekly prompt, so please be sure to share your sky stories!

Until next time,

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