#Hashtagthisweek Weekly Prompt | Senses

#Hashtagthisweek Weekly Prompt Play-Along | Senses

Take 5 pictures that illustrate the following senses:

I love the smell of…
I love the sound of…
I love the taste of…
I love the sight of…
I love the feel of…

#hashtagthisweek-sensesOur Senses are an amazing gift given to us with no strings attached. Senses enrich our lives and protect us in countless ways. Senses are the springboard into meaningful life experiences. Without smell, sound, taste, sight or feel, any experience is cut short. Think about how altered your life would be with just one Sense taken away. It is then that you realize the magnitude of their purpose.

It’s easy to take our Senses for granted when you are blessed to have them all in proper working order. Be thankful. Be mindful. Be present with each one of them.

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