Using the Project Life App | July Favorites

I’m documenting life in real time this summer thanks to the Project Life App. It’s summer and like everyone else, we.are.busy. With that being said, I still found time to create a handful of layouts using the Project Life App that document the bits and pieces of our summer joy in July – from the everyday to some of the highlights that made July just a little more awesome for us.

I love using the Project Life App to create our life in layouts. The Project Life App is fun and easy to use and, more importantly, provides me with everything I need to stay current in my memory keeping.  No overwhelm. No waiting for a rainy day to spend inside scrapbooking. Thanks to this one little app, I’m  free—free to do my memory keeping anytime and anywhere. All July layouts were created using the Project Life App and each one took literally just a few minutes to create. ♥

The Project Life App has forever changed my memory keeping process for the better….so much better. Check out Becky Higgins for the all Project Life App details. It seriously is the best thing since sliced bread—if you’re a memory keeping junkie like me, that is.

It’s your one life on this earth. Record the ride and have fun doing it!

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Using the Project Life App | Overlays Value Kits

Today I am sharing some recent layouts I created using the Project Life App and the new Bright Overlays and Overlays Value Kits by Heidi Swapp. If you want to one-up your photos, project life cards or layouts just a wee tiny bit, these overlays are the ticket (not to mention that anything by Heidi Swapp is always amazing)! I’ve been a long-time fan of digital overlays starting with the Just Add Color Photo Overlays by Becky Higgins. You can read more about that here. Having the ability to now use them in the Project Life App just makes me happy. ♥

For these layouts, I used the Overlays two different ways: Overlays + my photos and Overlays + filler/journaling cards from the Memories in the Making Edition kit (SU!). I had no problem finding ways to use the overlays in these layouts highlighting my daughter’s birthday party and our mini summer vacation. I am thrilled with how they turned out and even happier with how easy it was to create them!

Using the Project Life App | Birthday Girl



Using the Project Life App | Lucky



There’s nothing complicated or fancy to using overlays in the Project Life App — tap and drop like you would with any other kit in the Project Life App. Use overlays as a way to add visual layers to a filler/journaling/title card or to add words or graphic elements directly onto your photos. The beauty in using the Project Life App is that you can “try-on” different overlays and if you don’t like what you see, simply press the undo button (that little backwards arrow in the bottom left corner of the screen). Being able to “un-do” is just one of the many joys of digital memory keeping!

If you want to see how other people are using these overlays and/or the Project Life App in general, visit (or join) the App Scrappers – Project Life Facebook Group. It’s a great place for inspiration and for sharing tips and tricks related to using the Project Life App.

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Using the Project Life App | The Everyday Edition

If you’re looking for a Project Life kit that you WILL use over and over again, look no further than the Everyday Edition. I’m serious when I say that I’m pretty sure my project life layouts could run on this kit alone. No matter the layout, the Everyday Edition kit just works!

I have both the Digital Project Life Everyday Edition Full Collection and the Project Life App version. I created the following two layouts using the the Project Life App version of Everyday Edition.

Using the Project Life App | Noted

pl_20160612T065853 pl_20160612T081924

Using the Everyday Edition

In the words (of some of the cards) in this kit – Hooray for a kit that helps me get my Fave, Memories, Moments and Bits and Pieces of Everyday life Around Here, Documented — with plenty of hearts, cheetah, stripes and polka dots for those in between spaces. Sometimes all you need is one little word or phrase to complete the story of the day or moment and this is where the Everyday Edition delivers, big time.

Visit this earlier post to see some of my layouts using the Digital Project Life Everyday Edition full collection. You can also get some awesome inspiration by visiting the Everyday Edition Project Life Pinterest Board. I always enjoy seeing how others use the same kits that I have.

Creating and sharing the stories of our days in a simplified, totally do-able way has become my new happy place. I no longer get hung up on which pretty paper or snazzy embellishments to use. Instead, I find myself documenting our life almost as it happens. Happiness captured = happiness documented thanks to Project Life.

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Using The Project Life App | Documenting Our First Campfire Memories

A cozy campfire and giddy girls makes for an entertaining evening! We purchased a new fire pit and couldn’t wait to try it out. Thankfully, Mother Nature cooperated and brought us a beautiful night for our first campfire – warm and calm with a twinkling starry sky. The little details from this night that made my heart smile are now documented in Project Life layouts.

Using the Project Life App, I created two layouts documenting our first campfire memories. From assembling the Smores buffet to roasting marshmallows (stuffed with Rolos–for real!!) over our very first campfire, these layouts capture a giddy group of girls making their own fun and having a fabulous night around a campfire!

For the first page, I paired the new ABC Themed Cards-Black and White and a filler card from the Midnight Edition with the Squared Away 1 template and my layout was instantly complete. These ABC cards are the bomb-versatile and simple!


For the second page, I used filler and journaling cards from the creamy Kraft Edition, which comes with the Project Life App by the way.


Honestly, I didn’t expect to love the Project Life App as much as I do. This mobile memory keeping thing is simply awesome!

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A Return to Square Corners in my Digital Project Life

I recently made a return to square corners in my digital Project Life layouts thanks to the Project Life App and the newly updated square-corner digital templates from Becky Higgins (sent to me without my even asking I might add!).

I’ve been using round corners for so long in my digital scrapbooking layouts mainly because that’s what Becky Higgins offered. I forgot how much I love the look of crisp, square corners. It’s not that I don’t love round corners but round-versus-square corners definitely delivers two different feels to your layouts and I love them both equally. I am so happy that I now have the option to create with both in my Project Life memory keeping.

For my most recent layouts using the Project Life App, I decided to give that little button in the upper right corner of the screen a try. Sold!





One of my absolute favorite features in the Project Life App is the ability to create layouts with either round corners or square corners. In the App, you can switch between round corners and square corners instantly with the tap of a button. If you don’t like what you see, then simply undo my friend. A girl loves to have options and this is one option that I couldn’t be more thrilled to have!

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Documenting Our Easter With The Project Life App

What’s not to love about the Project Life App? For us Android users, it’s been a love affair in the making for a very long time and now that it’s here, I’m just so happy. I love everything about the Project Life App. Everything.

Documenting our Easter with the Project Life App took less than 30 minutes. That is simply unheard of in my previous scrapbooking life. The Project Life App provides everything you need to create clean and simple layouts that showcase your photos and tell a story–all in one place using just your phone (or tablet) and fingertips. Simply download the Project Life App, select your template in the app, add your photos, decide on a filler/journaling card or two (or not) and you’re done. Printing and social sharing from the Project Life App is just as easy. I’m here to tell you, mobile memory keeping–it’s a beautiful thing!

For me, my layouts have always been and always will be about the pictures. Project Life has become a sweet obsession of mine. The more I use Project Life, in any form, the more I fall in love with it and the more productive and up-to-date my memory keeping efforts are. As for the Project Life App, it’s the best $2.99 I have ever spent on an app!

I encourage you to explore the Project Life App possibilities. Even if you are not a “scrapbooker”, you might find this app to be a fun and simple way to share your photos stories!

Until next time,

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Project Life 2015 – Weeks 14 and 15 Documented

It may be a year ago, but I remember these moments well. It’s makes me so happy to see these photos in Project Life layouts–finally!

Week Fourteen and Fifteen Highlights:

  • We added some new owl decor and a cool clock from Crate and Barrel to Grace’s bathroom – fun and done!
  • Grace loved going to the gym with us – she and the punching bag hit it off.
  • My little brother got married and the joy of finally seeing him this happy and at peace is wonderful!
  • Grace is all smiles and ready to go as I drop her off at her first soccer practice – in the rain – but she didn’t care.
  • My insatiable sweet tooth could not pass by this candy end cap without taking a picture–I can’t remember if I bought anything but it is more probable than not that I did.

Y15WK14-web Y15WK15-Chris&Sam-print

Y15WK16-Chris&Sam-2-print Y15WK16-Chris&Sam-3-web

Supplies used: Digital Templates, Everyday Kit, Dazzle Mini Kit, Dear Lizzy Neapolitan Kit – all from Becky Higgins.

It still amazes me how little it takes to make a Project Life page look complete. One little card can make it all come together perfectly. For example, my favorite layout above is the one with Remember. Simple and straight to the point of the page. ♥

Until next time,

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Project Life 2015 – Weeks 12 and 13

I went back in time to this month a year ago and completed layouts for Weeks 12 and 13. Seriously, going back in time through my photos never gets old. Project Life has instilled a new appreciation in me for capturing the every day. Life is full of ordinary and extraordinary moments and when I combine photographs of those moments in Project Life layouts, I end up with some pretty memorable stories.

It goes without saying that I could not create layouts like this without having amazing products at my disposal. The awesome digital templates from Becky Higgins provide the perfect way to bring my photos together in one place. The digital kits from Becky Higgins provide the creative bliss.  The results are clean and simple layouts that I love.

Project Life 2015 – Weeks 12 and 13




Project Life 2015-Wks 12&13

Supplies used: Everyday Adventure Digital Kit, Becky Higgins Stampin’ Up | Everyday Digital Kit, Becky Higgins | Project Life Digital Templates D, K, X and a Big Shot, Becky Higgins

As I created these layouts, I experienced truly palpable emotions. I remember the excitement I felt when my new colorful chevron album arrived and how I couldn’t wait to rip open the package. I remember Grace being so excited to babysit General Lee and how proud I was of her responsibility. I remember how quickly I fell in love with that glass pitcher at Target and happily brought it home. I remember admiring Grace and her determination to conquer new jump roping moves on a Sunday morning at the gym. I remember Grace’s 1st Talent Show and the range of emotions I felt for her that day as she took on the stage for the first time.

This is why I scrapbook. This is why I love Project Life.

Until next time,

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Scrapbooking The Unforgettable Day She Was Born

Scrapbooking the unforgettable day our sweet granddaughter was born brought back so many emotions and memories. Even though she is now three years old and has truly become her own amazing, funny, energetic self, these photos capture the day she forever changed our worlds. From the sweet joy of holding a new born to the unforgettable smiles of the enamored first-time parents, aunties and grandparents, these layouts capture it all. This is why I scrapbook.

Scrapbook Page-Hello Joni Mae



Nearly all of the supplies used in these layouts are from my Studio Calico Project Life kits (now known as Documenter Kits), except for the scrapbook paper and my favorite sparkly washi tape from Tape Works. I could not have asked for more perfect Project Life cards for these layouts and the little Epic circle stamp pretty much sums up this very special day!

All of these photos were taken within the first half hour of Joni’s entrance into the world. It was truly a blessing to be present on this day–to provide love, laughter and support as we watched our kids journey into parenthood. What a sweet, unforgettable day it was.

Now that Joni’s birth day is scrapbooked, I cannot wait to document Baby Neve’s arrival.

Until next time,

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