Scrapbooking The Unforgettable Day She Was Born

Scrapbooking the unforgettable day our sweet granddaughter was born brought back so many emotions and memories. Even though she is now three years old and has truly become her own amazing, funny, energetic self, these photos capture the day she forever changed our worlds. From the sweet joy of holding a new born to the unforgettable smiles of the enamored first-time parents, aunties and grandparents, these layouts capture it all. This is why I scrapbook.

Scrapbook Page-Hello Joni Mae



Nearly all of the supplies used in these layouts are from my Studio Calico Project Life kits (now known as Documenter Kits), except for the scrapbook paper and my favorite sparkly washi tape from Tape Works. I could not have asked for more perfect Project Life cards for these layouts and the little Epic circle stamp pretty much sums up this very special day!

All of these photos were taken within the first half hour of Joni’s entrance into the world. It was truly a blessing to be present on this day–to provide love, laughter and support as we watched our kids journey into parenthood. What a sweet, unforgettable day it was.

Now that Joni’s birth day is scrapbooked, I cannot wait to document Baby Neve’s arrival.

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Combining Scrapbook Layouts and Project Life Offers The Best of Both Worlds

Recently I tackled an envelope bursting with photos from my daughter’s Senior Prom.  I had been avoiding this envelope intentionally due to sheer volume of photos that I knew were in that envelope. (I might have gone just a little overboard on taking pictures but I couldn’t help myself. Her and her friends looked so beautiful!!)

Once I came up with a plan, going through the photos was not as bad as I had imagined. I divided the photos into two piles – one for scrapbook layouts, the other for Project Life pages.  At the the same time, I tossed the bad ones and pulled out any duplicates of photos that I planned to use on scrapbook layouts from the pocket page pile and moved them to my daughter’s photo box. Sort, organize, purge – check. On to the fun part!

The following is what transpired in one afternoon when I put my mind to getting these pictures scrapbooked. It was fun going back to my scrapbooking roots to create traditional scrapbook pages for the special photos. Using Project Life cards from my physical Becky Higgins and Studio Calico kits was equally as fun because some of them were spot-on for these photos.

Combining scrapbook layouts and Project Life offers the best of worlds. I love being able to use my supply stash to create scrapbook layouts that highlight the stand-out photos. I then use Project Life layouts to group similar photos together to create a visual story of the moment captured–minus the fuss.

Now that Senior Prom is done, I’m ready to tackle Junior Prom the same way. By the way, this daughter just turned 21 so clearly it’s time to take care of business and get these photos scrapbooked and into her album.

Turning a mess of photos into something meaningful is memory keeping at its’ best and so very satisfying!

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Being “All Caught Up” With Project Life Is Highly Overrated

This year, I really wanted to create Project Life weekly spreads in their current weeks, as life was happening. I swear I had good intentions but sometimes it just isn’t possible. I don’t think I’m alone when I tell myself, “you have to be okay with being behind-let it go”. Besides, being “behind” is purely subjective. Project Life is about enjoying the journey through our photos, irrespective of completion dates. And, bottom line, I’m still more caught up in 2015, than I am with years worth of photos in my desk waiting to be scrapped (which is currently buried due to my office renovation). Being “all caught up” with Project Life is highly overrated.

The last completed layout that I did for my Project Life 2015 was Week 10. I decided to jump ahead to Week 17, because I wanted to get these pictures of a very special day into a Project Life spread.  Can I let you in on a little secret? Creating Project Life weekly spreads out of order does not take away from the fun. Shocking, I know. I thoroughly enjoyed creating this Project Life spread because I was motivated to get this day documented. I wanted to see the story of our day unfold, Project Life-style. Not once did I think about putting this off to do Week 11 instead.

The highlight of Week 17 in 2015 was taking my daughter to work. We balanced the day with work and plenty of fun because she earned it. She passed the File Clerk skills test with amazing colors by organizing, cleaning, shopping, copying and preparing mail. She had it all under control and my co-workers were super impressed with her diligence. She was rewarded for her efforts with lunch at one of her favorite restaurants, Chin’s Asian, followed by a heaping mish-mash of frozen yogurt flavors and toppings at Orange Leaf.

By the end of the day she had us all convinced that she has what it takes to work alongside us legal assistants. I enjoyed having her around me all day. As she heads into middle school next year, I am not sure how many of these opportunities I have left so I am embracing days like these, and making sure to create visual reminders like this. Life documented is what it’s all about. This layout highlights the very essence of our day – all work and no play would have made for a very long and boring day! I am so happy that I did not put off creating this layout.


 Supplies used: PS Elements 13 | Template D, Becky Higgins | Just Add Color Photo Overlays by Kerri Bradford, Becky Higgins | Top Journaling Card, Life is Sweet Kit, The Digital Press | Flower/Leaves and Patterned Papers, Bright, Bold and Beautiful 2 Kit by Jady Day Studios, Sweet Shoppe Designs | Journaling Font, Helvetica Bold

I used various supplies from each of these kits. I find them versatile, inspiring and fun to use!

As for getting caught up and current with Project Life 2015, “Create 2015 Project Life Spreads for Weeks 11-16” is on my perpetual To-Do list, right after “Organize and move photos to Project Life Folders”. It will happen (eventually) and, even if it doesn’t, I’m okay with that, too. Create when you are moved to create and you will always be happy!

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My Take On The Odyssey Project Life Kit

I finally set aside some time to play with my SC Odyssey Project Life kit last weekend. This kit is jam packed with amazing goodies. As always, Studio Calico never fails to deliver awesome kits. The Odyssey project life cards are oozing with sweet messages. The happy color palette woven throughout the kit is sure to put you in the mood for Spring, sunshine, and warm breezes. The shiny turquoise hearts were calling my name. The roller stamp is just plain cool. The number tape has “please use me now” written all over it. Basically, the Odyssey Project Life Kit is simply delightful and made me excited to document something…anything. I just wanted to play!

I decided to use my Odyssey goodies to document Grace’s birthday pictures from Summer 2014. Odyssey was a very fitting kit for her 9th birthday excursion, climbing the Big M. Grace just happened to be wearing yellow and there is a lot of sunshine yellow in this kit. It was meant to be. Time to get busy and make some magic happen.

Project Life Layouts | A Birthday at the Big M

I have to say that I really love the PL cards in Odyssey. Everything about them speaks to me – the sayings, the graphics, the colors. I dressed up a few of the PL cards with a few of my own goodies including my sparkly silver and gold washi tape. {Man do I love that stuff!} I also combined elements from both my Cirque and Odyssey kits in these layouts. I have to say they played together very, very well. Trust me, these kits make creating Project Life layouts a breeze – these pages were done in under an hour. I have a few more pages in the works because I had to use the orange tape–had to! I will share those soon.

I hope you enjoyed my take on the Odyssey Project Life Kit. Thanks to Studio Calico for designing such awesome kits that inspire people to document life in a variety of different ways. This is only my second SC kit and so far, I am loving everything about them and every minute of creating with them. I have a monthly subscription to the Project Life kit. It’s fun to having a little something to look forward to each month!

If you haven’t already, I encourage you to check out the Studio Calico kits and website. There is something for every type of memory keeper. You don’t have to purchase a subscription. You can make a one-time kit purchase as long as it is available. And, new kits released each month means new ideas and inspiration each month. What’s not to love about that??

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Creating Beach Wedding Scrapbook Pages

So, remember how I shared my excitement over my new Studio Calico Project Life Kit subscription? You can read more about that here. I was excited then but I am even more excited now. I’m here to share how I recorded a beach wedding using items from my Cirque project life kit. Designing these pages put me right back in the moment and made my heart smile all over again.

Our daughter had a destination wedding in beautiful Mexico last October. It was one amazing week and it’s hard to put into the words the true beauty of her beach wedding so I will let the photos tell the story. I decided to make a combination of scrapbook layouts and pocket pages to document this special occasion.

The Cirque kit had so many wonderful pieces to it that I had no problem finding lots of little lovelies to use on my pages. Cirque seemed to be a match made in heaven for this moment and these photos. The gold sequins, mini black stars, gold transparency cards, black/gold word strips, black glitter paper, and turquoise and gold chipboard hearts were my go-to embellishments for these page designs. {Gold just happened to be the accent color for the wedding.} Seriously! The Cirque project life kit made creating these pages a breeze.

In addition to the Cirque kit, I also got to use some of my new gold chipboard Thickers and my new Heidi Swapp gold foil kit {which is the bomb by the way!}. These were The Friday Fave for last week. Yes, there’s a whole lotta gold going on around here and I’m lovin’ it!

I am thrilled with my beach wedding scrapbook pages. Simple yet perfect to me. Now that the wedding is scrapbooked, I cannot wait to document the rest of this story: a tropical Mexico vacation.

Until next time,

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Getting Old Pictures Scrapped In a Snap With Project Life

I have resolved in 2015 to get more of my old photos scrapped. A lot of the photos I am referring to are random photos of every day life that have been overlooked when creating traditional scrapbook layouts of the bigger moments in our lives like birthdays, holidays, etc. Once I go through and make my traditional layouts, I have these leftovers photographs just laying around. I want to get them out of my temporary storage albums or off of my desk and into their permanent homes. So, 2015 is the year.

With Project Life,  I Still Get To Be As Creative As I Want To Be

Project Life and pocket page scrapbooking have been my saving grace for this New Year’s resolution and I have to say I am loving every minute of it. Not only am I enjoying the process of creating scrapbook pages with Project Life and pocket pages, but the sense of accomplishment that I am feeling as my photos reach their final resting place is huge. I thought I would miss creating traditional scrapbook pages…the creativity, the pretty paper, the putzing around with embellishments. I am happy to say that I can do all of this, and more, with Project Life and my pocket pages. I scrapbook to enjoy the journey and embrace the process. It is my sweet escape and I feel no need to rush. With Project Life, I still get to be as creative as I want to be (or not) , and I get a lot of scrapbook pages completed. I have yet find a downside to doing both!

The new year phenomena and cabin fever have propelled me into the depths of my scrapbooking space and the results are completed layouts that I love…clean and simple, not to mention disappearing piles of photos from my desk. Indeed, good things are happening!

A huge shout out to Becky Higgins, Project Life, Simple Stories Sn@p, and W R Memory Keepers for helping to expand my love for scrapbooking into new and enjoyable territory. It has been and will continue to be a game changer for me as I document and create the stories of our beautiful mess!

Until next time,

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Simple Project Life Layouts Take Me Back in Time

Summer has gone by the wayside and Fall is upon us. Colder temps and shorter days means this girl is spending more time indoors with her creative energy. Not to mention football Sundays are almost a guarantee of some uninterrupted time in my scrapbook room. Score!

I wanted to share some of my new Project Life layouts. The more Project Life layouts I complete, the deeper my fondness and appreciation for this wonderful memory keeping concept. Simple Project Life layouts take me back in time. I find that when creating layouts with Project Life, I tend not to get [quite] as caught up in the process of creating a perfect scrapbook page layout, i.e., selecting 1-4 pictures and a layout sketch, choosing coordinating papers,and deciding on what embellishments to use. Instead, I spend a lot more time actually looking at my photos and selecting an assortment of photos to slip into their new pocket homes. Project Life takes me back in time to “remembering when” and re-living the moments captured in my photos. When doing Project Life I get to feel the joy, laughter and happiness all over again. Don’t get me wrong. I get those same warm and fuzzy feelings when creating scrapbook pages, but on a different scale.

Project Life Layouts Let The Photos Tell The Story

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so imagine what 6-12+ photos in a Project Life spread can do! The beauty behind Project Life is that my photos ARE the story, pure, simple and complete. Pretty papers, alphas, and embellishments are optional (remember the Little Black Dress).

New Project Life Layouts featuring:

First T-Ball
Soccer Girl
Snow Fun
Dancing Queens
October Fun
Kindergarten Days
My how time flies!

Until next time,

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Studio Calico Wood Veneers Are The Perfect Project Life Embellishment

Psssst… I have a secret to share. I have a new love in my life. My new love affair is with Studio Calico Wood Veneers. Have you seen these cute little things?!? From the moment I saw them online in The Underground Papercrafting Kits at Studio Calico, I knew I had to have them! These wood veneers come in endless varieties, shapes, sizes and themes which means endless creative possibilities for me! Perhaps the biggest reason I am so drawn to them is the simplicity in their design. They are extremely neutral and in turn extremely versatile. You can use them as is, or dress them up a bit with milk paint, wood stain or glitter. Dressed up or down, Studio Calico wood veneers are the perfect Project Life embellishment. From alphas to numbers to hearts to stars…oh my! With so many choices, I foresee embellishing many of my future papercrafting projects with Studio Calico wood veneer shapes.

I had to have them  and so I set off to Jo-Ann’s for my quest. It was my lucky day. They had a nice selection of wood veneers to choose from. I could have bought them all and I couldn’t buy just one so (this time) I chose Studio Calico Wood Veneer Hearts and Arrows, because hearts and arrows go with EVERYTHING, and Studio Calico Wood Veneer Circles With Words, because they were adorable and I could use them on just about any project I create. I cannot wait to add more wood veneer designs to my scrapbooking arsenal. To me, they seem timeless not trendy. I don’t see how these could ever go out of style.

SC Wood Veneers Collage

 Studio Calico Wood Veneers are the Little Black Dress for my Project Life.

Studio Calico wood veneers are the perfect accent for Project Life journal cards and add just the right amount of detail to Project Life layouts. Project Life layouts do not require a ton of embellishments. The true beauty of Project Life is in its simplicity. With that said, I do like to “dress up” my Project Life journal cards from time to time, adding little details to give them a little pop and life of their own. Yes indeed, Studio Calico Wood Veneers are the little black dress for my Project Life.

Here are my first two Project Life layouts featuring the wood veneer shapes that I purchased. The wood veneer hearts,  arrows, and circles with words are the cherry on top  – they were the last embellishment to go on and made my layouts complete. Sometimes keeping it simple is just what my photo stories need and these wood veneer shapes make that possible. They truly are a perfect simple embellishment!

Project Life LO with Studio Calico wood veneer shapes Project Life LO with SC Wood Veneer Heart

Even though I used my new Studio Calico Wood Veneers in Project Life layouts, I think they would be magnificent on just about any papercrafting project! I cannot wait to find out…

Until next time,

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