Project Life: U13 Comets Do A Homecoming Parade

My daughter is now in middle school and with each passing year she gets more and more into school activities like this. It is an absolute joy watching her plan, prepare and participate–right down to her Wonder Woman tutu! Our town still does a Homecoming Parade; it isn’t a big parade but, it is a BIG deal. This is how the U13 Comets do a Homecoming parade…with plenty of face paint, colored hairspray, candy and team spirit!

These digital project life layouts capture this bunch of 6th grade girls being present-living in the moment-as they get to participate as a soccer team in the Homecoming parade. Recording memories like this is what Project Life is all about.

y16-homecoming-l-print Digital Project Life

Supplies used include Becky Higgins page templates, Everyday Edition, Becky Higgins Overlays, and labels from a Lilypad Collab Kit. The Everyday Edition continues to be one of my go-to kits because it just works. Lots of black and white and fun graphics. I can’t wait to get these layouts printed and in her album!

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Project Life 2015 – Weeks 14 and 15 Documented

It may be a year ago, but I remember these moments well. It’s makes me so happy to see these photos in Project Life layouts–finally!

Week Fourteen and Fifteen Highlights:

  • We added some new owl decor and a cool clock from Crate and Barrel to Grace’s bathroom – fun and done!
  • Grace loved going to the gym with us – she and the punching bag hit it off.
  • My little brother got married and the joy of finally seeing him this happy and at peace is wonderful!
  • Grace is all smiles and ready to go as I drop her off at her first soccer practice – in the rain – but she didn’t care.
  • My insatiable sweet tooth could not pass by this candy end cap without taking a picture–I can’t remember if I bought anything but it is more probable than not that I did.

Y15WK14-web Y15WK15-Chris&Sam-print

Y15WK16-Chris&Sam-2-print Y15WK16-Chris&Sam-3-web

Supplies used: Digital Templates, Everyday Kit, Dazzle Mini Kit, Dear Lizzy Neapolitan Kit – all from Becky Higgins.

It still amazes me how little it takes to make a Project Life page look complete. One little card can make it all come together perfectly. For example, my favorite layout above is the one with Remember. Simple and straight to the point of the page. ♥

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Project Life 2015 – Weeks 12 and 13

I went back in time to this month a year ago and completed layouts for Weeks 12 and 13. Seriously, going back in time through my photos never gets old. Project Life has instilled a new appreciation in me for capturing the every day. Life is full of ordinary and extraordinary moments and when I combine photographs of those moments in Project Life layouts, I end up with some pretty memorable stories.

It goes without saying that I could not create layouts like this without having amazing products at my disposal. The awesome digital templates from Becky Higgins provide the perfect way to bring my photos together in one place. The digital kits from Becky Higgins provide the creative bliss.  The results are clean and simple layouts that I love.

Project Life 2015 – Weeks 12 and 13




Project Life 2015-Wks 12&13

Supplies used: Everyday Adventure Digital Kit, Becky Higgins Stampin’ Up | Everyday Digital Kit, Becky Higgins | Project Life Digital Templates D, K, X and a Big Shot, Becky Higgins

As I created these layouts, I experienced truly palpable emotions. I remember the excitement I felt when my new colorful chevron album arrived and how I couldn’t wait to rip open the package. I remember Grace being so excited to babysit General Lee and how proud I was of her responsibility. I remember how quickly I fell in love with that glass pitcher at Target and happily brought it home. I remember admiring Grace and her determination to conquer new jump roping moves on a Sunday morning at the gym. I remember Grace’s 1st Talent Show and the range of emotions I felt for her that day as she took on the stage for the first time.

This is why I scrapbook. This is why I love Project Life.

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Smitten With The Project Life App For Android

If you haven’t already heard, the Project Life App for Android is LIVE!! Yes, the Project Life App is in the Google Play Store…live, in living color, ready and waiting for you to tap those Purchase and Install buttons. I couldn’t tap those buttons fast enough. And just like that, at long last, there was the Project Life App, on my Samsung Galaxy tablet, in the palm of my hand. Smitten ♥

In anticipation of the Android release, I watched the Project Life App videos. The videos are perfect bite-size jewels demonstrating the how-to’s of the app. They are simple, useful and quick. When that shiny new Project Life App icon showed up on my screen, I wanted to be ready…and I was thanks to the videos. (You can totally figure it out on your own, but there are little tips in the videos that make them worth the viewing.)

Here are my first three pages using the Project Life App for Android. Smitten twice. ♥





So, I am hooked as I knew I would be, just like the other thousands of Android users I’m sure. For me, it was well worth the wait and may be the biggest game changer for how I record our family memories, big and small, going forward. The app comes pre-loaded with four fabulous kits:

  • Kraft Edition
  • Midnight Edition
  • School Themed Cards
  • Strawberry Edition

I then purchased the Project 52 2016 Edition as a little treat for myself to celebrate the Project Life App for Android finally going live.

A big shout out and thank you to Becky Higgins and her genius team for making this happen for the Android world. I cannot imagine the amount of hard work, trial and error, and testing that it took to bring the Android version of the Project Life App to fruition.

This app makes me want to cultivate a good life and record it–and now I can– in the palm of my hand, whenever and wherever. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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Making Progress With My Project Life 2015

Currently, I’m going back through my 2015 photos and working on the weeks that I skipped over. One weekend, one hour, three weeks of Project Life 2015 complete!

Project Life 2015 – Week 9

Project Life 2015 – Week 10

Project Life 2015 – Week 11

Supplies used:

Week 9: PL Cards – Dear Lizzy Neapolitan, Becky Higgins | Weekly Title Card – Weekly Edition, One Little Bird Designs | Heart – Wood Veneer Accent (with a Just Jaimee PSE Style applied), LJS Designs

Week 10: PL Cards and Black Label Tab – Everyday Adventure, Becky Higgins Stampin’ Up | Weekly Title Stamp – Weekly Edition, One Little Bird Designs

Week 11: PL Cards – Dazzle Mini Kit, Everyday Edition and Everyday Adventure (Stampin’ Up), Becky Higgins | Circle Stamp – Everyday Adventure, Becky Higgins Stampin’ Up

Seriously! On one hand, it feels way too easy to scrapbook this way. On the other hand, it feels soooo good to create layouts that I love…with  just a few clicks and drags of my mouse. Digital Project Life is simple, creative, and just plain addicting!

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Preparing For My Project Life 2016

I’m having a blast preparing for my Project Life 2016! I’ve been busy capturing bits and pieces of the every day, decorating my new creative space, and making plans for how I will document our 2016.

Part of preparing for my Project Life 2016 included creating the title page for my Project Life 2016 album. My mantra for this year is More, so I decided to incorporate that one little word into my 2016 title page. My Project Life 2016 album is officially started. PL 2016 Title Page

For my title page, I used the Digital Project Life Everyday Edition Kit. The white chevron design is a digital photo overlay, one of my all-time favorite digital Project Life products. I highly recommend the Just Add Color Photo Overlays found at Becky Higgins. My go-to journaling font is Traveling Typewriter and one of my favorite fonts for titles is Walkway SemiBold (2016 and MORE).

I’m really looking forward to documenting More of the bits and pieces of our lives in 2016. The best part is that my new office/scrapbook room a/k/a My Happy Place is finally complete. Decorating my new space is a work in progress. I’m just over-the-moon happy that it is done!



For 2016, I’ve decided to try the 8×8 album size for my printed digital layouts. I purchased this 8×8 album to hold me to this decision. It has two of my favorite colors, teal and gold, so it was an easy choice! I think there will be many advantages to this smaller size and I’m looking forward to receiving my first set of printed 8×8 layouts very soon!


Thanks to digital Project Life, I’ve said goodbye to setting aside large chunks of time to scrapbook and I could not be happier! With a new space, new creative plans and new digital Project Life kits ready and waiting, I’m ready. Set. Go.

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The Project Life App for Android Is Finally Happening!!

This is seriously the best news yet for my Creative 2016 and the world of Android users!

In case you missed it, it’s the news we Android Project-Lifers have been “patiently” waiting to hear. Yes, the Project Life App for Android is finally happening! I stumbled upon this exciting news on Becky Higgins LLC Instagram and based on the number of likes for this Instagram post, it appears I am not alone in my excitement. Not only is the Project Life App for Android finally happening, it is slated to be AVAILABLE in February 2016, which is just around the corner my Android friends!

beckyhigginsllc- (2)

So, the question now is when in February? It seems that Instagram is where a lot of the up and coming Project Life news is shared. If you want to be “in the know”, then you should follow Becky Higgins LLC on Instagram. In addition to Project Life news, it’s a great place for inspiration and a peek into Becky’s world. I cannot even imagine how busy that gal is!

At last, the #ProjectLifeApp for Android countdown can begin. My only fear is that their servers might just come crashing down in the app download frenzy. I sure hope they can handle the Android rush!

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Are You Looking For A New Project Life Kit?

It’s only the second week of the new year and our Christmas 2015 Project Life is a wrap!

I decided to purchase a new digital project life kit for documenting our Christmas 2015 memories. The Oh What Fun Christmas Value Kit caught my eye right away. It offers an awesome variety of filler cards and journaling cards complete with plenty of stripes, blackboard, gold shimmer, red and green, seasonal graphics, and festive phrases. The wood veneer stickers are pretty awesome, too. I was sold.


Our Christmas 2015 Project Life

My Christmas scrapbook pages are always photo-heavy. I want to see and remember all of the little details of these moments–the smiles, the laughter, the feelings, the presents, the people, the places, everything! This makes narrowing down my photos for these layouts very difficult. Luckily, even just one PL filler card or journaling card can complete a layout perfectly. That’s why #ILoveProjectLife memory keeping!

For our Christmas project life pages, I used 1-2 cards per layout from the Oh What Fun Christmas Kit, with the exception of the first and last pages. I added some journaling and dates, a few labels, played with a Style in PSE (have you used these??) and called it a day. Thanks to my new Project Life kit, our Christmas 2015 is officially captured and documented!

If you are looking for a new Digital Project Life kit to document your Christmas memories (and beyond), this one deserves a look. It’s a super fun kit to play with. It has just the right mix of everything to make it worth using again and again. Hence, worth the purchase!

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My Digital Project Life Kits for 2016

Going digital has been a game changer for me as far as staying current in documenting our family stories. Digital Project Life especially will continue to be my go-to memory keeping system for 2016. There are so many amazing Digital Project Life Kits available but this year, in my ongoing effort to simplify-simplify, I have chosen two core kits to work with. Not sure if I can do it, but I’m going to give it a try. (It’s just so tempting to buy something new when you get those coupon codes!) One for sure exception to my 2-kit rule will be when they finally release the Project Life App for Android. I am saving the Project 52 2016 edition as my inaugural purchase to celebrate this long-awaited release.

Digital Project Life Kits for 2016

My Digital Project Life Kits for 2016 are the Everyday Adventure Edition (designed by Stampin’ Up for Project Life) and the Everyday Edition. These two digital full collections should provide me with more than enough creativity for my memory keeping in 2016. With so many Digital Project Life kits to choose from, it was hard to narrow it down, but here is what stood out for me with these two specifically.

What I love about the Everyday Adventure Edition:

  • Vast color options ranging from tonal neutrals to bright bolds–I love neutrals, alot, but with five daughters and two granddaughters, sometimes my layouts demand bright and pretty;
  • Clean and simple graphic designs that will easily interact with my photos–I’m currently loving hearts, hexagons and chevron;
  • Simple words and phrases that will complement a variety of layout themes; and,
  • The 53-piece brush set that can be used over and over again–no ink or stamp pads required.

What I love about the Everyday Edition Collection:

  • Fabulous color combinations, lots of white space and a sprinkling of gold foil (Yes, please!);
  • Cool, crisp graphic designs and subtle backgrounds;
  • Horizontal and vertical card options; and,
  • It’s both pretty and functional which equates to highly usable in my book.

bh_everyday_fullcollection_prev_1024x1024I spent way more time than I should have trying to pick out “just two” kits to use in 2016. I’ve read where others have tried this approach (some have even used only one collection…Gasp!). They reported feeling more productive and less overwhelmed when limiting themselves and I can definitely see the upside to this way of thinking. Given my past history of inevitably agonizing over what products to use (or not to use), I have a strong hunch that this might just work wonders for me. If my goal is to simplify, this makes complete sense right? And so, I’m in.

A Simply Creative 2016

When I think of all the photo possibilities that I might encounter throughout the upcoming year, these two digital collections really seem to have all of the bases covered for me. My goal for 2016 is to keep the focus on creating clean and simple digital layouts that document the everyday, occasions big and small, sports, nature, and other randoms as seen through my eyes and captured through my lens.

These newest digital collections of mine have me feeling super inspired already. My ongoing love affair with memory keeping and Project Life is still going strong. It’s going to be a Creative 2016 and I cannot wait to get started!

Thank you to Becky Higgins and Project Life for making clean and simple memory keeping both cool and beautiful!

Until next time,

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