Scrapbooking The Unforgettable Day She Was Born

Scrapbooking the unforgettable day our sweet granddaughter was born brought back so many emotions and memories. Even though she is now three years old and has truly become her own amazing, funny, energetic self, these photos capture the day she forever changed our worlds. From the sweet joy of holding a new born to the unforgettable smiles of the enamored first-time parents, aunties and grandparents, these layouts capture it all. This is why I scrapbook.

Scrapbook Page-Hello Joni Mae



Nearly all of the supplies used in these layouts are from my Studio Calico Project Life kits (now known as Documenter Kits), except for the scrapbook paper and my favorite sparkly washi tape from Tape Works. I could not have asked for more perfect Project Life cards for these layouts and the little Epic circle stamp pretty much sums up this very special day!

All of these photos were taken within the first half hour of Joni’s entrance into the world. It was truly a blessing to be present on this day–to provide love, laughter and support as we watched our kids journey into parenthood. What a sweet, unforgettable day it was.

Now that Joni’s birth day is scrapbooked, I cannot wait to document Baby Neve’s arrival.

Until next time,

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Combining Scrapbook Layouts and Project Life Offers The Best of Both Worlds

Recently I tackled an envelope bursting with photos from my daughter’s Senior Prom.  I had been avoiding this envelope intentionally due to sheer volume of photos that I knew were in that envelope. (I might have gone just a little overboard on taking pictures but I couldn’t help myself. Her and her friends looked so beautiful!!)

Once I came up with a plan, going through the photos was not as bad as I had imagined. I divided the photos into two piles – one for scrapbook layouts, the other for Project Life pages.  At the the same time, I tossed the bad ones and pulled out any duplicates of photos that I planned to use on scrapbook layouts from the pocket page pile and moved them to my daughter’s photo box. Sort, organize, purge – check. On to the fun part!

The following is what transpired in one afternoon when I put my mind to getting these pictures scrapbooked. It was fun going back to my scrapbooking roots to create traditional scrapbook pages for the special photos. Using Project Life cards from my physical Becky Higgins and Studio Calico kits was equally as fun because some of them were spot-on for these photos.

Combining scrapbook layouts and Project Life offers the best of worlds. I love being able to use my supply stash to create scrapbook layouts that highlight the stand-out photos. I then use Project Life layouts to group similar photos together to create a visual story of the moment captured–minus the fuss.

Now that Senior Prom is done, I’m ready to tackle Junior Prom the same way. By the way, this daughter just turned 21 so clearly it’s time to take care of business and get these photos scrapbooked and into her album.

Turning a mess of photos into something meaningful is memory keeping at its’ best and so very satisfying!

Until next time,

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Creating Beach Wedding Scrapbook Pages | Part II

Hi All! I wanted to share a couple of additional completed beach wedding scrapbook pages from our daughter’s beach wedding in Mexico. The wedding part of our trip is now officially recorded through scrapbook layouts and pocket pages. I’m feeling accomplished, but I’m only halfway done with the trip…now I have beach vacation pages to create! If you would like to see my other beach wedding scrapbook designs, you can check out my initial post here.


I really love how this 12×12 layout came together. I decided to mix elements of wood and shiny gold: wood for the beachy feel and gold to tie in with the wedding accent color. The L-O-V-E element was a Becky Higgins free valentine printable that offered up a wood grain alpha and the perfect pop of a peachy-red color in a gradient form! I printed it off, trimmed it down and topped it off with my new Amy Tangerine Wood Grain Alphas and a cute little wood veneer heart. In the opposite corner, I went for the gold using my Heidi Swapp Gold Foil Kit, clustered with mini white matte alphas, chipboard hearts in gold and turquoise, and shiny gold sequins — all from the Studio Calico Cirque Project Life Kit. Have I told you how much I love the Cirque Kit?!?

You're So Lucky Layout

My last six pictures were all about the girls of the wedding. I decided to make the focus of this page about how lucky Grace is to have big sisters and their friends who embraced her and made her feel so special and included on this amazing day. I again used items from my Cirque Project Life Kit including the wood grain Notable filler card (I filled the center circle with a circle punch photo of my girl), some blush bronze tags, and a turquoise chipboard heart (that I embellished with Stickles glitter glue). I then added a skinny-skinny strip of patterned paper, a coral foam heart, a punched paper border and some white enamel hearts and stars for good measure.  Seriously, this Cirque Kit seems like it is the kit that keeps on giving!

Speaking of those little white enamel hearts and stars, if you’re looking for a simple yet versatile scrapbooking embellishment, these Teresa Collins Enamel Shapes will not disappoint.  I love these and I think you might, too!


Without a doubt, designing these beach wedding pages stretched my creativity in one way or another. I felt inspired to mix elements that I normally would not have and to incorporate a bit of hybrid scrapbooking. And, that Cirque Project Life Kit! I was amazed at how I found myself going back to this kit over and over again for the smallest of elements that I feel, in the end, completed my pages beautifully.

I hope you have enjoyed my beach wedding scrapbook pages and maybe even feel a little inspired if and when that time should come for you to create your own.

Until next time,

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Guest Blog Post | Inspiration Finds You

Hi Friends! My guest blog post is live over at Lydia’s Craft n’ Creations blog. This was my first time doing  a guest blog post and I have to say it was a lot of fun–from start to finish. Actually, it is pretty easy and natural to write about something that makes you feel happy, excited and inspired. The post was about finding scrapbooking inspiration in unusual places. I hope you enjoy the post (aside from the supersized photo of my face!).

When you are passionate about something, inspiration finds you and that’s a beautiful thing!

Thank you again to Lydia for sharing some of her cute blog space with me this week. Let her be an inspiration to all of us!

Until next time,

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Photo Movement | From Piles to Pocket Page Stories

Hi Friends! I’ve been busy trying to get through, what seems like perpetual, stacks of photos (a couple of year’s worth) on my desk. They are always there, waiting…waiting…waiting. Do they taunt me? Absolutely! Lucky for me, those “piles” are a constant motivator for me to keep on creating our stories when I can, no matter what. To enjoy the journey so to speak.

With our weekends filled up with basketball, house stuff, family time, a/k/a LIFE, it’s hard to find the time to dedicate to getting through all of the photos I have on my desk…but I’m working on it slow but steady. Do you know how good it feels to move photos from “piles” into their final pocket pages? It feels sooooo good! So, I’m here to share some of my newest pocket page scrapbook designs.

Pocket Pages Bring Your Photos Back To Life

When moving my photos from piles to pocket pages, I am amazed by how quickly my photos come back to life. Almost instantly, these pocket pages become very special and permanent stories of a moment in time in our lives. This is Life Documented. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with having piles of photos covering my desk, I am much happier when I have piles of completed scrapbook pages staring me in the face waiting to be placed into my albums!

If you’ve been following my blog, then you probably already know how much I love scrapbooking-in any way, shape or form. Traditional, digital, hybrid, Project Life, pocket pages, it doesn’t matter. What matters most is capturing the moments and doing something with them. Sometimes it depends on my mood, sometimes it depends on the photos, sometimes it depends on the products I want to use. I love having creative options!

For me, recording our life is therapeutic and calming. Rarely am I stressed out about scrapbooking – I become stressed out when I don’t take time to do something that makes me happy from the inside out.

Until next time,

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Feeling Excited to Share Some Great News!

Hi Friends! I am feeling super excited to share some good news today. I have been chosen to be a Guest Blogger over at Lydia’s Craft n’ Creations blog. Lydia is a 13 year-old girl from Australia who blogs to share her passion for photography, scrapbooking, Project Life and all things arts and crafts. Sound familiar?? (And yes, she is 13…that is not a typo. What a go-getter!)

My guest blog post over on Lydia’s blog will debut in mid-to-late March. I will share more details here on my blog when that post goes live. Lydia was kind enough to let me select my own topic so I am off and running with it. This will be my first time as a guest blogger and I am really looking forward to sharing some fabulous memory-keeping inspiration!

My blog topic remains Top Secret for now.

However, I thought it would be fun to share some…

Topic Teasers!

Writing a guest blog post is a little bit different than writing a post for A Beautiful Mess to Me. It involves some serious forethought and planning. I’m happy to say that I’m well on my way and the post is coming together nicely. More importantly, I’m having a blast along the way!

Until next time,

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I Did It! I Scrapbooked Using Only My Scraps

Remember last week how I said I was going to get together with my girlfriend to scrapbook and that my goal was to create scrapbook pages using only my scraps? Well, I am happy to say I did it! I scrapbooked using only my scraps (except for the page base). It was a full 10-hour day of all good things – scrapbooking, laughter, conversation and creative bliss. Although I bounced back and forth between traditional scrapbook layouts and pocket page spreads, I managed to stay true to my focus of the day – scrapping using only my scraps. All in all, I completed 15 pages. Feeling accomplished and happy. Scrapbooking always makes me happy.

I truly enjoy the process of scrapbooking. It is creative therapy for me (and, I have myself convinced that it is still much cheaper than regular therapy even with inventory). I love going through a series of steps and watching my scrapbook pages come to life. Letting my photos dictate the overall feel and page design has always been important to me. My photos are the reason why I scrapbook in the first place. They also give life to my pretty paper addiction.

My approach to scrapbooking is pretty much a 3-step process:

  1. I always pick my photo(s) first.
  2. From there, I select my color scheme and coordinate with pretty patterned papers.
  3. Embellishments are always last – the icing on the cake.

Everything in between these three steps is where the magic happens…even when scrapbooking with only scraps! I was surprised by how easy it was to create meaningful scrapbook pages and pocket page spreads using just my scraps. Finding the perfect scraps to complete my scrapbook pages happened rather effortlessly. What a nice surprise!

Here are the results of scraps…

Scrapbook Layouts Made With My Scraps

Pocket Page Spreads Made With My Scraps

Scrapping with scraps isn’t that hard if you have just a little bit of order to your scraps storage. There are endless ways to organize your scraps, including no organization at all! However, I need some sense of order, even for my scraps, so I store them in these plastic storage drawers. My scrap bins are not rocket science organization nor are they pretty (at all!), but this system has served me well through the years. Currently, I organize my scraps in drawers labeled by color combinations, patterned paper and specialty papers. This system makes adhering to my 3-step process fairly easy.

Scraps storage drawers

Now that I know the real possibilities of scrapbooking with just my scraps, part of me wants to go on a scrapbooking supplies diet in 2015 – use what I have, don’t buy anything new (except for adhesives) – and stretch my creative boundaries and budget. I just don’t know if I can commit to an entire year of nothing new. I love, love, love pretty paper!

Coming in February…I’m going to give handmade cards the “scraps only” test.

Until next time,

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Sweet Scrapbook Page – A Moment In Time

I have been blogging and bragging about Project Life a lot lately. Yes, I am sold, hook, line and sinker. But, these three adorable pictures of Grace at the piano and her cheeky little smile were worthy of a traditional layout.

I have had these Dear Lizzy Spring Collection-Flair badges forever! I have been waiting (and waiting) to use them. I don’t know why I have been saving them –obviously, for the perfect layout. Once I chose my papers for this layout, I knew that I would finally get to use them. Oh, Happy Day!! I could not be more happy with this layout. A little bit of vintage mixed with a little bit of on-trend chevron and scroll.

The Flair badges coordinated perfectly with the patterned papers that I selected for this layout -so soft and dreamy, just like my subject.


Products used:

  • Kraft Paper (Bazzill)
  • From Me to You PP (Pebbles)
  • Be Loved PP (MME-Jen Allyson)
  • Find Your Wings and Fly PP (MME-Rhonna Farrer)
  • Dear Lizzy Flair Badges
  • Rhinestones (Kaiser Crafts)
  • Jumbo Flower (Heidi Swapp)
  • Rub-ons (Kelly Panacci)

Here’s a close up of those sweet Dear Lizzy badges on my layout:


And, here is what the entire set looks like. Like I said, I have had them for a while, so unfortunately I don’t think they are available to purchase anymore.

Dear Lizzy Badges

I’m getting together with friends to scrapbook the day and night away. We do that every once in a while and make an entire day of it. Always with high hopes of being super productive. My goal today is to scrap using only my scraps (except for background papers)! It can and will be done and I can’t wait to share those layouts here on the blog to prove it.

Until next time,

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