My Top Ten 2017 Project Life Resolutions

It’s the start of a brand new year. What better time for a fresh start and fresh perspective on my Project Life process. For my 2017 Project Life memory keeping, I’m adopting a few of the insights shared in Becky Higgins’ 2017 Memory Keeping Resolutions post. Starting the year off with a Simple = Done | Less Is More mindset has me feeling inspired and ready to put photo overwhelm behind me.

After reading through Becky’s post again (…and again), I took some time to put pen to paper to write out my top ten 2017 Project Life resolutions. There’s just something about writing goals down — for me, I feel more committed. In this case, it looks like I’m doubly committed because not only did I write them down on paper, I’m writing them down again in this blog post. There’s no room for excuses. So, here they are…

My Top Ten 2017 Project Life Resolutions:

  1.  I will be more intentional in my photography: focusing on quality vs quantity photos. To learn more about HOW to do this, I signed up for The Beginners Bootcamp — a free 7-day course by Live Snap Love. I really want to take my photography skills to the next level and I think this class is a great first step.
  2.  I will perform a daily and weekly delete: keep the great, delete the rest, weekly at a minimum.
  3.  I will be flexible: some months I may have weekly Project Life layouts, others maybe not so much. I’m giving myself the freedom to document daily life and special events warrant. That part about being intentional.
  4.  I will document for All About Us 2017: our new family yearbook that will be chronological for the most part and will feature #ourlifeinlayouts for the year – including the everyday and occasions big and small. I used to keep five albums. I’m doing some serious streamlining here and looking forward to the simplicity of having one family yearbook for 2017.
  5.  I will document for Life As Grace: this album is already in process and features #gracecaptured layouts highlighting school and extracurricular activities and fun with friends.
  6.  I will document for She Plays Hard: a new album dedicated to #sheplayshard layouts documenting all of her sports activities.
  7.  I will document 2017 using the Project Life App: the app is hands-down the best way for me to create layouts that I love. Every.single.time. I will use Digital Project Life as an alternative.
  8.  I will be intentional and consistent with my social media hashtags: beginning 2017 with the end in mind, I created a list of hashtags that I plan to use in 2017 to group my photos into collections. Should I ever decide to create a Chatbook (the cutest little photobooks ever!), it should be easy-peasy. I’m finally understanding the power of hashtags.
  9.  I will perform my own Project Photo Rescue: by creating a monthly action plan/to-do list for processing photos from the past whose stories have yet to be told.  When I was a physical scrapper, the thought and process of getting scrapbook pages done was a huge elephant in the room. Thanks to Becky Higgins and the Project Life App that elephant has moved on and I’m willing and able to tackle this project in the new year!
  10.  I will share Project Life with others: I am an avid Project Lifer. I know firsthand what a game changer Project Life (Physical/Digital/App) has been for me. I’ve never felt more inspired and motivated to get our stories told because Project Life is so darn easy to work into my life. I think everyone should know about Project Life!

Project Life…It’s simple, it’s flexible, it’s classy, it’s modern memory keeping at its’ best. ♥ If you use Project Life, I’d love to hear some of your ideas and goals for 2017. Please share via a comment below.

Until next time,

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Project Life: November and December Highlights

Okay, so November and December got the best of me when it came to blogging and Project Life. It seems like as soon as Halloween was over, Thanksgiving and Christmas were knocking at my door–in unison! With the holidays behind me and some extended time off of work, I’m re-centering, organizing, and getting back on track all in time for the New Year!

As I was organizing and cleaning up my November and December photos, I realized that I was even light in the photo-taking department. November and December really were a blur! Not all is lost, however. I did manage to capture some moments worthy of Project Life layouts and I finally had time to actually create them.

November and December Highlights Using the Project Life App

First up, these layouts document Grace’s RoboKnights competition where her team took 1st place for their PawKit invention and advanced on to Sectionals. This was a day spent with some pretty amazing, talented kids — and for the record I did not feel smarter than a 5th (or 6th) grader! Supplies used: Page Designs A and Q, Midnight Edition and Just Add Color.

pl_20161126t072021 pl_20161126t071824

It’s a tradition! Making Christmas cookies and candy is so much more fun when done with friends and this bunch makes a day of it – complete with dinner and game night. The filler and journal cards are from the super cute Holly Jolly Value Kit. Page Design A is definitely one of my favorites. Square vs. round corners – I just can’t commit. I have to say that I love them both equally.

pl_20161231t063236 pl_20161231t063032

Hip Hip Hooray, Happy Birthday to Us! Mine and dear hubby’s birthdays are 10 days apart. This year we celebrated by going bowling with ALL of our kids and grandkids. The best present of all was spending time with all of them and getting our Christmas card photo done and done! Kits used: Project 52 2016 Edition and Everyday.


I don’t use Page Design B very often but I decided to use it for this layout and I’m so glad I did. There are so many sides to Grace and this page design combined with filler cards from the Currently Edition and Project 52 2016 Edition highlight her at this life stage perfectly. She’s somewhere between a child and a tween and photos like these remind me of how precious our time with her truly is.


She did it! Our daughter graduated from Nursing School and we could not be more proud of her and this accomplishment — including having landed herself a job which will pave the way for a very rewarding nursing career. She set some pretty loft goals for herself and she made them happen. ♥ Supplies used: Page Design R and cards from Just Add Color.

Even though it’s only six pages, I’m feeling accomplished and even more motivated to get the remainder of Project Life 2016 done. I have my photos purged and edited so I’m halfway there! By the way, if you are like me and are always looking for ways to streamline and organize your memory keeping process, you should totally check out Becky Higgins 2017 memory keeping resolutions  — I think 2017 could be the year of Less is More for me as well. I’m liking the thought of it already!! She even shares an image you can download and post to remind yourself. You just have to lover her!

Happy New Year everyone!

Until next time,

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Using Project Life Big Shot Templates

Have you ever used the Project Life Big Shot Templates by Becky Higgins? If you haven’t, you just might want to give them a try. Each Big Shot template offers a large opening for that special photo surrounded by smaller openings for smaller photos or filler/journaling cards. These digital page templates work great when you have a photo that deserves to take center stage. Each Big Shot Variety Pack comes with 8 page template designs that put a special face, place or thing front and center. You’ll see what I mean in a moment.

A few weeks ago we made our annual trip to the Pumpkin Patch with our granddaughters who are (almost) 2 and 4. They are the perfect mix of fun-seeking and curious and they were ready to explore everything this Pumpkin Patch had to offer. With my Nikon D50 in tow, I came armed and ready to capture photos that I would use to tell the story of our fun day together. As I reviewed photos on the fly while chasing the girls around, I knew instantly that I would be using Project Life Big Shot Templates for my layouts!

And….here are the layouts I created using Project Life Big Shot Templates. These Project Life layouts tell the story of two little girls who made discovering a Pumpkin Patch an absolute blast! All layouts were created using the Project Life App.

pl_20161022t072537 pl_20161022t072928 pl_20161029t070152

Plus one more layout using Design A to wrap the up the day. There are so many things I could have journaled about this day but I chose to let the photos speak for themselves and add one little word…perfection. Pretty much sums up the day. The perfection filler card is from the Midnight Edition. I then placed an overlay from the Bright Overlays Value Kit by Heidi Swapp on top to soften the solid color of the card. Both of these kits can be found in the Project Life App.pl_20161029t070017

My heart is so incredibly full after days like these and Project Life layouts capture the moments and memories that make that feeling possible. Perfectly.

Until next time,

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Project Life: U13 Comets Do A Homecoming Parade

My daughter is now in middle school and with each passing year she gets more and more into school activities like this. It is an absolute joy watching her plan, prepare and participate–right down to her Wonder Woman tutu! Our town still does a Homecoming Parade; it isn’t a big parade but, it is a BIG deal. This is how the U13 Comets do a Homecoming parade…with plenty of face paint, colored hairspray, candy and team spirit!

These digital project life layouts capture this bunch of 6th grade girls being present-living in the moment-as they get to participate as a soccer team in the Homecoming parade. Recording memories like this is what Project Life is all about.

y16-homecoming-l-print Digital Project Life

Supplies used include Becky Higgins page templates, Everyday Edition, Becky Higgins Overlays, and labels from a Lilypad Collab Kit. The Everyday Edition continues to be one of my go-to kits because it just works. Lots of black and white and fun graphics. I can’t wait to get these layouts printed and in her album!

Until next time,

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Make This DIY Rustic Fall Pallet Sign In 5 Easy Steps

There’s something fun about making your own seasonal home decor and this rustic sign made from trimmed pallet boards is sure to be your next Fall project fix. Let’s do this!

Make this DIY Rustic Fall Pallet Sign in 5 easy steps using trimmed pallet boards and vinyl designs from Simply Said.


Supplies Needed:

  • Trimmed pallet boards
  • A piece of wood backing to mount/adhere wood planks to
  • Sanding block or sand paper (I used medium and then fine)
  • Vinyl phrases and designs (I purchased mine from Simply Said)
  • E6000 adhesive (or nails/screws) to adhere planks to wood backing
  • Hanging hooks (optional)
  • Krylon Satin Spray Finish

Make It:

  1. Cut pallet down into wood planks and sand to your liking.
  2. Apply your vinyl designs to the wood planks. I purchased mine from Simply Said because you can order seasonal designs and custom phrases in over 50 vinyl colors,  including exterior-grade vinyl.
  3.  Adhere the wood planks to your piece of wood backing to make it one piece.
  4. Spray your masterpiece with Krylon Satin Spray Finish to protect and seal the vinyl designs.
  5. Attach mounting hooks, if you plan to hang. Mine is going to stand on its own in the corner of my front porch with an assortment of pumpkins and gourds.








So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on an old pallet and some vinyl designs and get started. And more importantly, leave perfection at the door and embrace that rustic look and feel, rough edges and all.

I hope you give this fall project fix a try. If you do, please share a comment below with a link to a photo!

Until next time,

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Using The Project Life App | August Favorites

Normally I have a ton of photos to sort through each month. In looking back through August, I was surprised by how few photos I actually took. August seemed to pass by in the blink of an eye as we tried to enjoy what was left of summer and prepare for back-to-school. The upside to fewer pictures taken last month is that I was motivated to work backwards in my memory keeping and created some project life layouts with photos from July 2015.

My August 2016 Project Life layouts are pretty much centered around spending time with our girls. Because our oldest daughter and her family were preparing to move (2 hours away–sad, sad face), we were able to spend two weekends in a row with our granddaughters. I took advantage of having their sweet faces around and captured some pretty cute pictures of their adorable, smiling, goofy faces. I also got to spend an evening with four out of five of our daughters doing a Paint Nite. Moments like this do not happen very often for this Mom, as four of them are now living on their own, so I cherish the moments spent with them and this night was especially fun!

Here are August 2016 and July 2015 highlights documented in project life layouts–using the Project Life App, of course.

The Project Life App kits used in these layouts include the Jade Edition, Everyday Edition, Currently Edition and Dear Lizzy Lucky Charm Value Kit. When it comes to using the Project Life App kits, I don’t think I can pick a favorite. I love them all and how I choose to use what I use in a layout depends on the photos or the theme/feel of the layout. No matter what, I know that the Project Life App always  “has a kit for that”.

Until next time,

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Using the Project Life App | July Favorites

I’m documenting life in real time this summer thanks to the Project Life App. It’s summer and like everyone else, we.are.busy. With that being said, I still found time to create a handful of layouts using the Project Life App that document the bits and pieces of our summer joy in July – from the everyday to some of the highlights that made July just a little more awesome for us.

I love using the Project Life App to create our life in layouts. The Project Life App is fun and easy to use and, more importantly, provides me with everything I need to stay current in my memory keeping.  No overwhelm. No waiting for a rainy day to spend inside scrapbooking. Thanks to this one little app, I’m  free—free to do my memory keeping anytime and anywhere. All July layouts were created using the Project Life App and each one took literally just a few minutes to create. ♥

The Project Life App has forever changed my memory keeping process for the better….so much better. Check out Becky Higgins for the all Project Life App details. It seriously is the best thing since sliced bread—if you’re a memory keeping junkie like me, that is.

It’s your one life on this earth. Record the ride and have fun doing it!

Until next time,

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Using the Project Life App | Overlays Value Kits

Today I am sharing some recent layouts I created using the Project Life App and the new Bright Overlays and Overlays Value Kits by Heidi Swapp. If you want to one-up your photos, project life cards or layouts just a wee tiny bit, these overlays are the ticket (not to mention that anything by Heidi Swapp is always amazing)! I’ve been a long-time fan of digital overlays starting with the Just Add Color Photo Overlays by Becky Higgins. You can read more about that here. Having the ability to now use them in the Project Life App just makes me happy. ♥

For these layouts, I used the Overlays two different ways: Overlays + my photos and Overlays + filler/journaling cards from the Memories in the Making Edition kit (SU!). I had no problem finding ways to use the overlays in these layouts highlighting my daughter’s birthday party and our mini summer vacation. I am thrilled with how they turned out and even happier with how easy it was to create them!

Using the Project Life App | Birthday Girl



Using the Project Life App | Lucky



There’s nothing complicated or fancy to using overlays in the Project Life App — tap and drop like you would with any other kit in the Project Life App. Use overlays as a way to add visual layers to a filler/journaling/title card or to add words or graphic elements directly onto your photos. The beauty in using the Project Life App is that you can “try-on” different overlays and if you don’t like what you see, simply press the undo button (that little backwards arrow in the bottom left corner of the screen). Being able to “un-do” is just one of the many joys of digital memory keeping!

If you want to see how other people are using these overlays and/or the Project Life App in general, visit (or join) the App Scrappers – Project Life Facebook Group. It’s a great place for inspiration and for sharing tips and tricks related to using the Project Life App.

Until next time,

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Using the Project Life App | The Everyday Edition

If you’re looking for a Project Life kit that you WILL use over and over again, look no further than the Everyday Edition. I’m serious when I say that I’m pretty sure my project life layouts could run on this kit alone. No matter the layout, the Everyday Edition kit just works!

I have both the Digital Project Life Everyday Edition Full Collection and the Project Life App version. I created the following two layouts using the the Project Life App version of Everyday Edition.

Using the Project Life App | Noted

pl_20160612T065853 pl_20160612T081924

Using the Everyday Edition

In the words (of some of the cards) in this kit – Hooray for a kit that helps me get my Fave, Memories, Moments and Bits and Pieces of Everyday life Around Here, Documented — with plenty of hearts, cheetah, stripes and polka dots for those in between spaces. Sometimes all you need is one little word or phrase to complete the story of the day or moment and this is where the Everyday Edition delivers, big time.

Visit this earlier post to see some of my layouts using the Digital Project Life Everyday Edition full collection. You can also get some awesome inspiration by visiting the Everyday Edition Project Life Pinterest Board. I always enjoy seeing how others use the same kits that I have.

Creating and sharing the stories of our days in a simplified, totally do-able way has become my new happy place. I no longer get hung up on which pretty paper or snazzy embellishments to use. Instead, I find myself documenting our life almost as it happens. Happiness captured = happiness documented thanks to Project Life.

Until next time,

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