My Top Ten 2017 Project Life Resolutions

It’s the start of a brand new year. What better time for a fresh start and fresh perspective on my Project Life process. For my 2017 Project Life memory keeping, I’m adopting a few of the insights shared in Becky Higgins’ 2017 Memory Keeping Resolutions post. Starting the year off with a Simple = Done | Less Is More mindset has me feeling inspired and ready to put photo overwhelm behind me.

After reading through Becky’s post again (…and again), I took some time to put pen to paper to write out my top ten 2017 Project Life resolutions. There’s just something about writing goals down — for me, I feel more committed. In this case, it looks like I’m doubly committed because not only did I write them down on paper, I’m writing them down again in this blog post. There’s no room for excuses. So, here they are…

My Top Ten 2017 Project Life Resolutions:

  1.  I will be more intentional in my photography: focusing on quality vs quantity photos. To learn more about HOW to do this, I signed up for The Beginners Bootcamp — a free 7-day course by Live Snap Love. I really want to take my photography skills to the next level and I think this class is a great first step.
  2.  I will perform a daily and weekly delete: keep the great, delete the rest, weekly at a minimum.
  3.  I will be flexible: some months I may have weekly Project Life layouts, others maybe not so much. I’m giving myself the freedom to document daily life and special events warrant. That part about being intentional.
  4.  I will document for All About Us 2017: our new family yearbook that will be chronological for the most part and will feature #ourlifeinlayouts for the year – including the everyday and occasions big and small. I used to keep five albums. I’m doing some serious streamlining here and looking forward to the simplicity of having one family yearbook for 2017.
  5.  I will document for Life As Grace: this album is already in process and features #gracecaptured layouts highlighting school and extracurricular activities and fun with friends.
  6.  I will document for She Plays Hard: a new album dedicated to #sheplayshard layouts documenting all of her sports activities.
  7.  I will document 2017 using the Project Life App: the app is hands-down the best way for me to create layouts that I love. Every.single.time. I will use Digital Project Life as an alternative.
  8.  I will be intentional and consistent with my social media hashtags: beginning 2017 with the end in mind, I created a list of hashtags that I plan to use in 2017 to group my photos into collections. Should I ever decide to create a Chatbook (the cutest little photobooks ever!), it should be easy-peasy. I’m finally understanding the power of hashtags.
  9.  I will perform my own Project Photo Rescue: by creating a monthly action plan/to-do list for processing photos from the past whose stories have yet to be told.  When I was a physical scrapper, the thought and process of getting scrapbook pages done was a huge elephant in the room. Thanks to Becky Higgins and the Project Life App that elephant has moved on and I’m willing and able to tackle this project in the new year!
  10.  I will share Project Life with others: I am an avid Project Lifer. I know firsthand what a game changer Project Life (Physical/Digital/App) has been for me. I’ve never felt more inspired and motivated to get our stories told because Project Life is so darn easy to work into my life. I think everyone should know about Project Life!

Project Life…It’s simple, it’s flexible, it’s classy, it’s modern memory keeping at its’ best. ♥ If you use Project Life, I’d love to hear some of your ideas and goals for 2017. Please share via a comment below.

Until next time,

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