Using the Project Life App | The Everyday Edition

If you’re looking for a Project Life kit that you WILL use over and over again, look no further than the Everyday Edition. I’m serious when I say that I’m pretty sure my project life layouts could run on this kit alone. No matter the layout, the Everyday Edition kit just works!

I have both the Digital Project Life Everyday Edition Full Collection and the Project Life App version. I created the following two layouts using the the Project Life App version of Everyday Edition.

Using the Project Life App | Noted

pl_20160612T065853 pl_20160612T081924

Using the Everyday Edition

In the words (of some of the cards) in this kit – Hooray for a kit that helps me get my Fave, Memories, Moments and Bits and Pieces of Everyday life Around Here, Documented — with plenty of hearts, cheetah, stripes and polka dots for those in between spaces. Sometimes all you need is one little word or phrase to complete the story of the day or moment and this is where the Everyday Edition delivers, big time.

Visit this earlier post to see some of my layouts using the Digital Project Life Everyday Edition full collection. You can also get some awesome inspiration by visiting the Everyday Edition Project Life Pinterest Board. I always enjoy seeing how others use the same kits that I have.

Creating and sharing the stories of our days in a simplified, totally do-able way has become my new happy place. I no longer get hung up on which pretty paper or snazzy embellishments to use. Instead, I find myself documenting our life almost as it happens. Happiness captured = happiness documented thanks to Project Life.

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