The Friday Fave – Free 2016 Printable Mini Photo Calendar

Do you still have a 2015 calendar looking back at you? This free printable mini calendar for 2016 could be your answer.

The Friday Fave ButtonI am guilty. Come January 4th, 2016, I still had a 2015 calendar hanging at my desk. By Dec. 31st, it had become part of the background and barely noticeable to me anymore. I spend my days in a cube. It isn’t dark and cave-live but, it’s a cube nonetheless and a new cube at that. I’m still working on making my new space personal and pretty.

This 2016 Calendar post led me to this Free 2016 Printable Mini Calendar and just like that, my 2016 calendar was born.  I was instantly excited to make this mini calendar for 2016. A DIY project with a purpose is always motivating and going through my photo stash was the best part. What better way to personalize my space than with pictures of my loves?!


I won’t go into all of the details of how I made my 2016 calendar. Just know that these printable templates make it fun and personal–the perfect DIY fix. You can go minimalist or pretty it up, whichever fits your fancy. I went for a little of both.

I kept my calendar cards clean with one photo to each card. I then mounted the calendar cards on a 12×12 piece of cardboard with 6 months to each side. I love the mini-easel idea but I wanted to be able to hang mine.

For the final little details, I added black glitter number stickers, silver and gold washi tape, and gold cord and a mini binder clip for hanging. I also highlighted the dates of the birthdays and anniversaries of our family as a little reminder to myself.

A DIY 2016 Calendar Complete With Photos of the People I Love the Most!

DIY 2016 Calendar Cards




If you like this calendar idea, be sure to visit It’s Always Autumn to get the free 2016 printable mini calendar PDF. She also shares some tips for printing and other creative ways to use the printable mini calendar templates.

If you want a full-size calendar or one without the fuss, Crafty Staci’s blog post shares even more awesome free printable 2016 calendars so be sure to take a look. Thanks to Crafty Staci, I now have my eye on this calendar from Oh So Lovely for my home office. With 20+ options, what’s not to love? For me, the gold sparkle had me at hello!

I love looking at my photo calendar every day. It has definitely put a little happy in my workspace!

Until next time,

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