Farewell to 2015 and the Adelle Theme

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Farewell to 2015!

Out with the old and in with the new, right? This seemed like the perfect time to give A Beautiful Mess to Me a fresh, new look.

I made the switch from Blogger to WordPress about two years ago. Up to this point, I’ve been using the free version of WordPress versus self-hosted (WordPress.com v WordPress.org). So far, so good. I’m still trying to decide if I want to invest any money in this little blog of mine, i.e., getting my own domain and going the WordPress.org route. I guess time will tell. For right now, I’m happy with the free version as it fits my blogging needs perfectly.

Farewell to the Adelle Theme

During my first two years with WordPress, I used the Adelle Theme. I really liked Adelle. I simply decided it was time for a change. I love that you can preview the many free WordPress themes, “try them on your blog” so to speak and then, with just a few clicks, apply a new theme to your blog. That’s pretty cool. Trust me, you can spend a lot of hours theme shopping! It didn’t take me long to find a new theme that fit my desire to clean and simplify my blog space. Although there were a number of themes that caught my eye and were contenders for the change, in the end I went with the Sketch Theme by Automatic. It’s style is clean and modern with a hint of pretty (if you like).

Sketch Theme Thumbnail

Along with a new blog theme, I also created a new blog header design depicting little pieces of what this blog of mine is all about…Project Life, memory keeping in all mediums and pretty paper. From way back when, scrapbooking was the premise on which this blog was created. Over time, this space has evolved to include random bits and pieces of creativity and other things that bring me joy. All of those things combined are the heart and soul of my beautiful life and A Beautiful Mess to Me.

So, Adelle is no more. We had a good ride. It was just time for a change. It seems as though Sketch will provide me with ample ways (and space) to share my memory keeping creations and musings for the new year. As I blog my way through 2016, I’m looking forward to playing around with the Sketch theme and transforming A Beautiful Mess to Me into a better blog along the way. Feel free to follow along!

Today is an awesome day. Today is the first page of a new 366-page story. Happy Leap Year!!

Until next time,

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