The Return of #Hashtagthisweek Weekly Photo & Journal Prompts

I love the creativity and forethought that Mandy from Turquoise Avenue puts into the #hashtagthisweek weekly prompts. She is a creative girl after my own heart and she collaborates with some pretty wonderful people, too! You won’t want to miss what they have in store for #hashtagthisweek!

The Return of #Hashtagthisweek

I hate to admit it, but I kind of fell off the #hashtagthisweek bandwagon over the summer. Such is life. Then there was a brief hiatus by Mandy. Well deserved I’m sure. So, I was absolutely thrilled when I received the e-mail announcing the return of “hashtagthisweek weekly photo and journal prompts. Yeah!!

If you have not checked out Mandy’s #hashtagthisweek weekly photo & journal prompts, I encourage you to take a peek and see what it’s all about.

#hashtagthisweek | Conversations

Oh, how I love the Banter of little girls.

This photo captures these girls Chatting it up while crafting it up.

The essence of this photo is their intent and Small Talk.

A crafting Powwow is pretty serious stuff.

You can just imagine the Heart-to-Hearts that were taking place.

They didn’t know I was listening.


Con·ver·sa·tion – (noun), the informal exchange of ideas by spoken words.
Synonyms: discussion, talk, chat, tête-à-tête, heart-to-heart, exchange, dialogue, banter, powwow, small talk.

So, how do I play along with #hashtagthisweek? Well, sometimes I create digital layouts of my photos. Other times I keep it simple and and just share my #hashtagthisweek photo on Instagram or Mandy’s blog. I also enjoy writing blog posts to share my take on the #hashtagthisweek weekly prompt (f/k/a #thisweek). The #hashtagthisweek prompts not only inspire me to take a picture, but to also create a story about the picture–what it represents, how it made me feel, why I was moved to capture it. Those are fun things to write about!

A new #hashtagthisweek prompt is released each Sunday so remember to visit the Turquoise Avenue blog. Get a fresh perspective on documenting the little pockets of your life. Sometimes it takes the push (or prompt) of others to help us think outside the box. Mandy and her guests do just that with a fun twist! By taking just one #hashtagthisweek photo each week, you become intentional in capturing a moment and story in your daily life that may have otherwise passed you by.

Great conversations, short or long, are the cornerstones of great memories. Go capture them!

Until next time,

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One thought on “The Return of #Hashtagthisweek Weekly Photo & Journal Prompts

  1. Hi Michelle,

    So happy to have you join back in. I love reading that you not only enjoy the prompts but that you also enjoy it’s meaning and purpose. This photo is precious and really tells a story all its own, thank you for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

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