Being “All Caught Up” With Project Life Is Highly Overrated

This year, I really wanted to create Project Life weekly spreads in their current weeks, as life was happening. I swear I had good intentions but sometimes it just isn’t possible. I don’t think I’m alone when I tell myself, “you have to be okay with being behind-let it go”. Besides, being “behind” is purely subjective. Project Life is about enjoying the journey through our photos, irrespective of completion dates. And, bottom line, I’m still more caught up in 2015, than I am with years worth of photos in my desk waiting to be scrapped (which is currently buried due to my office renovation). Being “all caught up” with Project Life is highly overrated.

The last completed layout that I did for my Project Life 2015 was Week 10. I decided to jump ahead to Week 17, because I wanted to get these pictures of a very special day into a Project Life spread.  Can I let you in on a little secret? Creating Project Life weekly spreads out of order does not take away from the fun. Shocking, I know. I thoroughly enjoyed creating this Project Life spread because I was motivated to get this day documented. I wanted to see the story of our day unfold, Project Life-style. Not once did I think about putting this off to do Week 11 instead.

The highlight of Week 17 in 2015 was taking my daughter to work. We balanced the day with work and plenty of fun because she earned it. She passed the File Clerk skills test with amazing colors by organizing, cleaning, shopping, copying and preparing mail. She had it all under control and my co-workers were super impressed with her diligence. She was rewarded for her efforts with lunch at one of her favorite restaurants, Chin’s Asian, followed by a heaping mish-mash of frozen yogurt flavors and toppings at Orange Leaf.

By the end of the day she had us all convinced that she has what it takes to work alongside us legal assistants. I enjoyed having her around me all day. As she heads into middle school next year, I am not sure how many of these opportunities I have left so I am embracing days like these, and making sure to create visual reminders like this. Life documented is what it’s all about. This layout highlights the very essence of our day – all work and no play would have made for a very long and boring day! I am so happy that I did not put off creating this layout.


 Supplies used: PS Elements 13 | Template D, Becky Higgins | Just Add Color Photo Overlays by Kerri Bradford, Becky Higgins | Top Journaling Card, Life is Sweet Kit, The Digital Press | Flower/Leaves and Patterned Papers, Bright, Bold and Beautiful 2 Kit by Jady Day Studios, Sweet Shoppe Designs | Journaling Font, Helvetica Bold

I used various supplies from each of these kits. I find them versatile, inspiring and fun to use!

As for getting caught up and current with Project Life 2015, “Create 2015 Project Life Spreads for Weeks 11-16” is on my perpetual To-Do list, right after “Organize and move photos to Project Life Folders”. It will happen (eventually) and, even if it doesn’t, I’m okay with that, too. Create when you are moved to create and you will always be happy!

Until next time,

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