Dinnertime | Taking Note of A Precious Gift

The new photo and story prompt for #ThisWeek by Mandy was Dinnertime. I knew I would have fun with this one! Want a fun and fresh perspective on capturing the little moments in your daily life? Mandy’s weekly photo and story prompts deliver inspiration insight on how to do just that – with one little word or phrase. She also offers free downloads like this from Digital Design Essentials to foster creativity in recording those little moments…your way.

Family Dinner

I love to cook and I do most of the cooking for our family. My family is repeatedly at the mercy of me and my Pinterest recipe adventures. Some turn out great, while others are an unfortunate flop. Nevertheless, I keep experimenting and they keep going along with it!

While I do most of the cooking, the one thing that I do not do is grill. My husband is the grillmaster at our house and I happily let him have at it. I have no desire to smell charcoal smoke or worse, smell like it. Ohhhh, but I love that smoky, charbroiled flavor on food. I am happy that my hubby enjoys grilling. He has a take-charge attitude when he is on grill duty. I’ve come to learn that you don’t mess with a man and his Weber grill.

One of my/our favorites from the grill is Grilled Salmon. Add in a side dish, a vegetable, a glass of wine, and a delectable meal awaits. Mmm mmm good! Here is our salmon dinner from this week.

Supplies used: 4×6 Photo Template, Becky Higgins | Family Dinner Journaling Card, Digital Design Essentials | Arrow Brush, Deena Rutter

Dinnertime is the time that we all look forward to and count on in our busy daily lives. It is more than food and eating. It is the precious gift of time that we give to each other, each and every day, without even trying really.

Dinnertime is the time when we all come together to share our thoughts on the day, to laugh, to complain, to plan, to be still and present with one another. Being able to share dinnertime each night with my family is a blessing. Sometimes it is all of us; sometimes it is just some of us. The important thing is to take note of your dinnertime and the meaningful gift that it is, no matter who you share it with.

If you are not already playing along with Mandy’s #ThisWeek series, then you need to check it out and join in. It’s not too late. New prompts are posted each Sunday. I promise, you won’t be disappointed!

Until next time,

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