In The Evening |Time To Unwind

Hi Everyone! I’m here to share my newest photo story for the #ThisWeek prompt – In The Evening.

Evenings around here are busy and overflowing with the typical demands of motherhood and family life. This layout shares a photo story of the little bit of “me” time – my time to unwind – that I try to find in the evening…taking Sammy on a walk and listening to some of my favorite music while I enjoy the great outdoors usually does the trick!

In The Evening | Time To Unwind


A huge thank you once again to Mandy for another fabulous prompt and to Gina for the awesome Evening Grace digital freebies!

I love the inspiration that these prompts and digital products provide. They serve as a reminder that the little bits and pieces of our every day are worth documenting …make time to find them.

Until next time,

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