Capturing An Ordinary Morning Routine

Happy Monday Everyone! I am starting the week off with a Monday blog post which does not happen very often, trust me. The reason for a Monday post you ask? Because I am super excited to be playing along with #ThisWeek A Weekly Story/Photo Prompt over at Mandy’s Record Life Blog which just started this past weekend. The idea behind her #ThisWeek project is to prompt you to take photos and document the bits and pieces of your every day. The prompt for the first week is #morningroutine.

#ThisWeek Prompt #1 | Morning Routine

There is something to be said for morning routines, so I took to taking a few photos to capture a little glimpse of what our morning routine is like around here, more often than not. I then used the Photofy app on my phone to create this collage. These four things happen each and every day, no matter what. The only thing that really changes in this routine is the timing and order in which they are done:

  • Wake Sleeping Beauty
  • Enjoy a cup of coffee
  • Give Sammy some lovin’ and food
  • Read what I want to read before what I have to read

Our Morning Routine Collage

Mornings are hands down my favorite time of the day, especially the coffee and reading what I want to read part! Our morning routine is a huge part of my beautiful mess, ordinary yet extraordinary in every way. Routines keep life moving. They are comfortable. They are dependable. They matter.

A shout out to Mandy here…I think I am going to love the #ThisWeek prompts! They force you to pause, be present, and be intentional in capturing and documenting moments in time that matter. Why is this so important? Because my life, your life, this life is made up of so much more than just the “big moments”. Make time to capture, document and feel grateful for the littlest of things, every day.

Until next time,

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4 thoughts on “Capturing An Ordinary Morning Routine

  1. Hi Michelle! Thank you so much for joining in on my new challenge and for the sweet words in your little shout out. You nailed it when you noted what this challenge is doing for you, as it is doing the same for me! I love memory keeping and sometimes its best for me to pause, be intentional about the photo I take and then note the story behind that photo! Keep up the good work!


    1. You deserve the shout out for such an awesome idea. So glad others are playing along! I will posting a PL layout of these pics using the freebies from Gina… It may be The Friday Fave on my blog this week!


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