The Friday Fave: Cirque Project Life Kit by Studio Calico

My first-ever Studio Calico Project Life Kit arrived this week. Talk about happiness being delivered to your door!

The Friday Fave ButtonFriday Fave | Cirque Project Life Kit

The Cirque Project Life Kit by Studio Calico is fun and daring yet lovely in every way. With this being my first kit subscription, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Once you see and feel something, you “know”. Oh Cirque, be still my beating heart.


I activated my Studio Calico Project Life Kit subscription last week Thursday, and it was at my door on Monday! That little package turned a blah Monday around in a hurry. I have never subscribed to a kit company before. I’ve thought about it many times, but I was too afraid to commit. With that being said, based on rave reviews of Studio Calico kits by fellow scrapbookers I was moved to take the plunge. Not to mention that their website is nothing short of dreamy. I love it when a website lures me in and keeps me coming back for more.

What I Love About Studio Calico and Why I Chose To Subscribe

While there are certainly many reasons to love Studio Calico Kits, these are my top 5:

  1. They offer three main kits each month: a Scrapbook kit, a Card kit and a Project Life kit.
  2. Their kits have an amazing array of products-every single one of them!
  3. Their kits are unique, fresh, modern with a vintage twist, and inspiring.
  4. They offer the option to purchase kits as a one-time only or via monthly subscription.
  5. They offer irresistible add-on kits to stretch the creativity of the three main kits. Genius!

I decided to subscribe to the Studio Calico Project Life Kit because I love the idea of someone else doing the hard part—selecting and coordinating the products. For $19.99 (plus S&H), I get an insanely creative kit filled with Project Life Journaling Cards and oodles of Embellishments. Do you have any idea how long it would take me to: 1) find all of this stuff in my local craft store and, 2) have the time and energy left to coordinate the stuff into something as productive as a Studio Calico Kit? Just the thought of that makes $19.99 a steal for me!

Bringing My Cirque Project Kit To Life

I had to wait a whole three days to put my Cirque Kit to a Project Life spread. By Wednesday, I could resist no more. With the entire lot of kit goodies spread out on my crafting table, I was ready. It was finally time to add photos and bring my Cirque Project Life Kit to life. Bonjour Cirque Goodness!

After completing these two pages, I still have more than enough supplies left to create with. There are a number of cards in Cirque that have to do with February so I put these cards to the side with the intention of taking specific February photos to use with them.

Here’s the bonus: The February-themed cards in the Cirque kit that I did not use in these two layouts acted as a prompt for me to document something amazing from the future February which just happens to include a weekender to the windy city this weekend!

In summary, Cirque met and exceeded my expectations in terms of creativity and quality of products. I am even more excited about my monthly subscription after receiving the Cirque Kit. I cannot wait to receive Odyssey. The Studio Calico Sneak Peeks are such teasers!

Until next time,

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3 thoughts on “The Friday Fave: Cirque Project Life Kit by Studio Calico

  1. Lovely pages – I think you’ve made a wise choice with Studio Calico. I’ve a PL kit subscriber and have been happy with them of months. I use some kits interchangeably for a couple months, then move the unused items into my regular stash. I feel like I always have something fresh and new to work with.


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