The Friday Fave: Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

Friday Fave-2Winter officially arrived this week and in a big way. First, with an all-day snow storm on Super Bowl Sunday followed by the dreadful sub-zero temps. I knew the mild winter we were having was simply too good to be true.

The Friday Fave this week features a digital layout highlighting our stormy winter weather this week, sub-zero temps, some amazing free-forming icicles and a few of my favorite go-to items for feeling warm and cozy when Old Man Winter is roaring outside.


Supplies used: PS Elements 13|Project Life Template K-Becky Higgins|Week Six Stamp-One Little Bird Weekly Edition|Diagonal Gray Stripe PP-One Little Bird There’s Something About Merry Kit|Aqua Diamond PP-One Little Bird Celebrate Collab Kit|Arrow and Date Brushes-Deena Rutter Count On Me Brush Set|Heart Sticker-Becky Higgins Love Notes Kit

As a general rule, I am not really an I-Love-Winter-Girl. I like snowstorms for the simple fact that I love being stranded at home. I love having a reason to stay put. Can’t go outside. Awww, that’s… too…bad. Not for this girl! I typically have two modes during a snow storm – nesting mode or creative mode and usually it’s a little bit of both. Surprisingly, this is how I relax.

I am also one of those people that is always cold, regardless of how many layers I put on. I can have the warmest slipper socks on and still have ice cold feet. It’s ridiculous! My toes and nose know no warmth. Sadly, it is no easy task for me to get warm and stay warm during these especially long Wisconsin winters. So how do I do it then? It’s pretty simple…

I wrap myself in a soft, cozy blanket – a Down Duvet or Sherpa Throw Blanket are my favorites.

I burn soy candles – favorite winter scents are Cinnamon Chai by Woodwick and Fireside by Parachute.

I bake – snowstorms make me want to bake…something…anything.

I devour hot coffee with hazelnut creamer.

I scrapbook and feel happy! 

Having a few favorite things makes my Winter so much more bearable, even bordering enjoyable. Throw in a good book or movie and some homemade chocolates and life on the inside of a sub-zero day is near perfection.

Be sure to visit Parachute Home to learn more about their premium quality bedding, cashmere throws and scented candles, as well as their approach towards simplicity, sustainability and affordability. I love the fact that they don’t have 100 products to choose from. Just the necessities to keep it simple. Thank you Parachute.

Let me hear from you! How do you stay warm? Do you have a favorite go-to cozy item?

Until next time,

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