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My grandparents are without a doubt two of my most favorite people in the whole world. Today’s post captures a peek into our Sunday spent with them. It’s about being happy, joyful and grateful for having these two wonderful people in my life, my heart and my memory spaces. Forever and always, they are my role models when it comes to enduring love, long-lasting marriage, and endearing commitment. They just celebrated 75 years of marriage this month!

I have endless, fond memories of time spent with my grandparents–going way way back. Some of my all-time favorites include:

Working in our huge garden with my Grandma.

Riding on the tractor with my Grandpa and sometimes getting to drive.

Special surprises from Grandpa and Grandma’s lunch pails. 

Sleepovers at their house with my cousins.

Bedtime stories told by Grandpa that always ended with his infamous whisker rubs.

Christmas Cookie Baking Day.

Yes, I can remember those days just like it was yesterday. If only I had the power to make time stand still. It is truly amazing to me to think about how much our hearts and minds are capable of remembering and what a huge loss it is when we no longer have that gift.

Luckily, I captured a few good photos of our precious time spent with them yesterday. I wanted to make a Project Life layout highlighting our special day. I decided to create a Digital Project Life layout using just-purchased digital scrapbooking goodies from the Dear Lizzy Neapolitan Edition and Love Notes Value Kit. Both of these kits offer endless creative possibilities. I got both of them on sale this past weekend to boot!

Digital Project Life Layout | What Matters Most


Life Documented: Grandpa, Grace and I playing Shutbox (a game that he lovingly handcrafted) | Grandpa and Grace all smiles | Grace doing the dishes – captured! | Grace helping Grandma get around in her wheelchair

Dear Lizzy Neapolitan highlights What Matters Most in a simple yet lovely way. I love the soft and dreamy colors woven throughout the entire Dear Lizzy Neapolitan collection. I am so looking forward to using this kit in my Digital Project Life layouts this year. Right now, I am completely gaga over the wood-grain Chevron filler card above. Can you say versatile?!? I don’t think I can ever tire of this card. I foresee using it in a variety of page themes.

The little red glitter heart on the Something Splendid filler card is a sticker from the Love Notes Value Kit. Isn’t it so cute? It gives a perfect little pop of color to the card. My affliction for hearts and arrows is still going strong.

The “TODAY” brush is from the Stampin’ Up Hello December Edition created for Project Life. Obviously, this kit isn’t just for Christmas and December layouts. I played with drop shadowing and changed the opacity to make it blend with the soft and dreamy look of my What Matters Most layout.

I’m lovin’ Digital Project Life!

Until next time,

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