The Friday Fave: A Trader Joe’s Newbie No-More

Friday Fave-2This week’s The Friday Fave highlights my first trip to Trader’s Joes, a grocery store that I have been wanting to shop for quite some. I made it happen this week with two daughters in tow. First impressions – it’s a really cool place that is fun to shop. They offer a ton of unique products and the atmosphere is far from blah. I went primarily for the fun of it, no list in hand. Needless to say, we left with six bags of Trader Joe’s goodies, 3 bags for me and 3 bags for my college daughter. I guess you could say we liked it, a lot!

A Trader Joe’s Newbie Top Picks…

  • Trader Joe’s {Low Fat} Chocolate Cats Cookies For People – cute and delish, not just kids.
  • Trader Joe’s Cocoa Truffles – melt in your mouth literally.
  • Trader Joe’s Triple Ginger Snaps – perfect bite-size zippy snacks.

Trader Joes Fav Collage-2

I have been reading about the benefits of using Coconut Oil rather than vegetable oil, etc., so, based on rave reviews from friends, I picked up a jar of their Organic Virgin Coconut Oil. Haven’t tried it yet but I plan to this weekend. Need to do a little more research on its uses and it appears that there are many.


Trader Joe’s Delivers Big on Uniqueness

Some people really dislike grocery shopping. I am not one of them. I can spend an embarrassing amount of time in the grocery store, especially when I am all by myself. When I go to a new grocery store, all bets and time limits are off. I love perusing the aisles and discovering all kinds of things that my local grocery store does not carry. Trader Joe’s delivers big in that area because none of their items can be found at other grocery stores. If I want more Triple Ginger Snaps, and I am sure I will, then I will have to go back to Trader Joe’s. Lucky for me, it’s not too far away! We live in a small town and I strive to support our local small businesses. But sometimes, you need more, want more, and thankfully we are only about 30 minutes from Madison, WI, which offers an awesome selection of grocery stores, Trader Joe’s being one of them.

Was Trader Joe’s worth the wait? Absolutely! Will we go again? Absolutely!

Let me hear from you! Have you been to Trader Joe’s? Do you love it or skip it? If you love it, what’s your top, must-have item?

Until next time,

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