I Did It! I Scrapbooked Using Only My Scraps

Remember last week how I said I was going to get together with my girlfriend to scrapbook and that my goal was to create scrapbook pages using only my scraps? Well, I am happy to say I did it! I scrapbooked using only my scraps (except for the page base). It was a full 10-hour day of all good things – scrapbooking, laughter, conversation and creative bliss. Although I bounced back and forth between traditional scrapbook layouts and pocket page spreads, I managed to stay true to my focus of the day – scrapping using only my scraps. All in all, I completed 15 pages. Feeling accomplished and happy. Scrapbooking always makes me happy.

I truly enjoy the process of scrapbooking. It is creative therapy for me (and, I have myself convinced that it is still much cheaper than regular therapy even with inventory). I love going through a series of steps and watching my scrapbook pages come to life. Letting my photos dictate the overall feel and page design has always been important to me. My photos are the reason why I scrapbook in the first place. They also give life to my pretty paper addiction.

My approach to scrapbooking is pretty much a 3-step process:

  1. I always pick my photo(s) first.
  2. From there, I select my color scheme and coordinate with pretty patterned papers.
  3. Embellishments are always last – the icing on the cake.

Everything in between these three steps is where the magic happens…even when scrapbooking with only scraps! I was surprised by how easy it was to create meaningful scrapbook pages and pocket page spreads using just my scraps. Finding the perfect scraps to complete my scrapbook pages happened rather effortlessly. What a nice surprise!

Here are the results of scraps…

Scrapbook Layouts Made With My Scraps

Pocket Page Spreads Made With My Scraps

Scrapping with scraps isn’t that hard if you have just a little bit of order to your scraps storage. There are endless ways to organize your scraps, including no organization at all! However, I need some sense of order, even for my scraps, so I store them in these plastic storage drawers. My scrap bins are not rocket science organization nor are they pretty (at all!), but this system has served me well through the years. Currently, I organize my scraps in drawers labeled by color combinations, patterned paper and specialty papers. This system makes adhering to my 3-step process fairly easy.

Scraps storage drawers

Now that I know the real possibilities of scrapbooking with just my scraps, part of me wants to go on a scrapbooking supplies diet in 2015 – use what I have, don’t buy anything new (except for adhesives) – and stretch my creative boundaries and budget. I just don’t know if I can commit to an entire year of nothing new. I love, love, love pretty paper!

Coming in February…I’m going to give handmade cards the “scraps only” test.

Until next time,

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2 thoughts on “I Did It! I Scrapbooked Using Only My Scraps

  1. Scrap booking is soo much fun! My boyfriend gave me a scrapbook of the first year of our relationship for Christmas one year. To see so many pics, ticket stubs, and memorabilia all together it was awesome. We’ve continued to scrapbook moments from our relationship. Its great to look back on. Like you, we pick our pictures first. And I love the scrapbooking section in Michael’s. You are very organized too. Great layouts.


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