Why This Mom Put on Her Rollerskates

Rollerskating gal

I had a lot of things I wanted to accomplish this weekend, and that’s not even taking into account completing the usual cleaning, laundry, typical Mom stuff. I needed to clean. I wanted to make another window treatment, start a kitchen wall decor project, and complete some new Project Life layouts.

The typical “Mom-stuff” suddenly became unimportant.

Instead, I let all of that fall by the wayside to accompany Grace to a rollerskating birthday party.  She wanted me to go. How could I say no just to stay home and do stuff that I needed or wanted to do. The typical “Mom-stuff” suddenly became unimportant. It was also going to be the perfect time to catch up with a dear friend, mom of the birthday girl. Sadly, we know our days are numbered as far as mom-attended birthday parties so we spent two hours together laughing, catching up, living in the moment of 9-and-10-year-old little girls…who are quickly becoming not so little anymore. Sometimes it feels like an out-of-body experience, watching your kids, reflecting, fast forwarding, trying to grasp this moment in time.

As I sat there and watched Grace rollerblade around and around and around…I had this sudden urge to quit being a wallflower. I decided to put on some skates and join in the (albeit scary) fun. That little voice inside my head and heart urging me to participate, to be out there with Grace, knowing all too well how fewer these days will become. I have some history of rollerskaing. My junior high days included Friday nights of rollerskating, hanging out with my friends, pondering my slow skate partner. Yep, been there, done that.  As I let those 8 wheels roll me out onto the floor, it wasn’t so much the fear of rollerskating as it was the fear of trying to remember (and quickly) how to rollerskate and of not wanting to join the ranks of the kids who were falling around me. I waved to Grace, she came over. She laughed at me while I got my 8-wheel bearings, trying really hard to stay upright and join in her moment. And then, she joined in my moment. She took my hand and laughed with me as we made a few laps around together. As I became more comfortable on wheels, little by little, she proceeded to rollerblade circles around me, smiling and chatting as she passed me by, appearing happy and A-okay with the fact that I was in skates and participating in her moment.  A memorable day for both of us all because I made the choice to put on some rollerskates.

To be with Grace. To be an example to her. To be in the moment-living out loud. That is exactly Why This Mom Put on Her Rollerskates. It was a simple choice really. I want to do this more often. As moms, we need to do this more often. It feels good long after the moment is over.

True value of a momentUntil next time,

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