Try These Pumpkin Sugar Cookies for Pure Fall Deliciousness

I don’t know about you, but the delightful scents and tastes of autumn rank pretty high on my Fall Favorites list, especially pumpkin and cinnamon. Not only do pumpkin and cinnamon smell lovely, they taste pretty spectacular in just about anything. I have an incurable sweet tooth and sugar cookies are a favorite of mine, any season, any reason, any time. When I came across this recipe for Pumpkin Sugar Cookies with Cinnamon Cream Cheese Frosting on Pinterest, there was no question I would be making them, as soon as possible, as in this weekend. The picture alone triggered that “gotta have them” feeling. I had to try them. I needed to know if they could possibly taste as good as they looked in the photo. There was no way these cookies could deliver anything but pure fall deliciousness. Off I went…I pinned the recipe from, baked the cookies and guess what?  These Pumpkin Sugar Cookies delivered just as I had hoped–and even better. This recipe is now living Happily-Ever-After in my cookie recipe collection.

An Easy-to-Make Pumpkin Sugar Cookie Turned Pure Heavenly

This is a scrumptious sugar cookie blended with pumpkin and hints of cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger, baked into a moist melt-in-your-mouth cookie, turned pure heavenly by decadent cinnamon cream cheese frosting. Even more lovely is how easy they are to make! These sugar cookies are rolled into balls, pressed down, and baked; not rolled out, cut out and then baked like a traditional sugar cookie. And the frosting…this frosting is the bomb! I liken it to Cinnabon cream cheese frosting kissed by cinnamon. To my delight, I have leftover frosting (I know…Gasp!!). I assure you I will have no problem finding tasty ways for using it up.

In short, there are basically 4 simple steps to this easy-to-make pumpkin sugar cookie:

  1. Measure and Mix
  2. Roll and Flatten
  3. Bake and Cool
  4. Frost and Eat!

Pumpkin Sugar Cookies

The recipe states that you will get about 24 cookies from a single batch. I got 21. It is true, these cookies are on the larger size if you make the size suggested in the recipe. Not a problem. I assure you, the suggested cookie size is a perfect serving — no need to cut in half! Repeat, do not cut in half. Savor every bite down to the very last moist little crumb (…and then lick your fingers clean of any frosting.)

This pumpkin sugar cookie delivers love-at-first-bite. It is both delicious and decadent. I will definitely be sharing this recipe with family and friends. I loved them. My family loved them. (Note to self: make a double batch next time.). I hope you do too!!

Until next time,

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