DIY Amaaazing Oreo Cookie Halloween Costume: Day 3

Day 2 of our Oreo cookie costume project was a labor of love and a lot of busy work but it brought us to our third (and final) day of the project. I have to admit that Day 3 of our DIY Amaaazing Oreo Cookie Halloween costume project was the best day by far! The anticipation of “the light at the end of the tunnel” was at its peak–for both Grace and myself. By the end of Day 3, we had an amaaazing Oreo cookie costume and Grace was thrilled beyond words, as the photos below tell. This was, hands down, Grace’s favorite day of our costume-creating journey mostly because a) she knew it would be the last day and, b) she knew she would FINALLY be able to try it on.

How our DIY Amaaazing Oreo Cookie Halloween Costume: Day 3 went down…pretty exciting stuff!

Our third and final day consisted of cutting the sides for the cookie to be transformed into the magical fluffy filling. First, I cut two strips of rubber carpet pad (housebuilding leftovers sitting in our basement). I then had Grace lay between the two cookie sheets to measure for head and arm holes and then we cut the holes out of the rubber pad. Happily, we were able to cut the rubber pad with scissors. No utility knife required. [Another great and easy option for this part of the costume would be to use plain white foam because it is extremely lightweight, flexible and white. (That was my initial plan but when I saw the carpet padding…my inner thrifty kicked in and it worked out great.)]

DIY Oreo cookie Halloween costume

DIY Oreo cookie Halloween costume

Next, we put the hot glue gun to the test and glued and glued and glued. It had to be strong enough to make it through both a school party and a night of trick-or-treating. Thank goodness those glue sticks are cheap! We did one side of the cookie and then let it sit for about 10 minutes to set and dry. With the glued side still sitting on the bottom, we ran a line of hot glue along the top edge of the rubber pad and then placed the other cookie sheet on top, making sure that it lined up with the bottom cookie sheet. Let it set for a few minutes. We then flipped the cookie over and hot glued the seams of where the rubber pad meets the cookie and around to the inside of the the tops and bottoms. I was able to get my hot glue gun on the inside of the cookie to run glue along the inner seams as well. If you can do this, great. Your cookie will be that much stronger.

DIY Oreo Cookie Halloween costume

DIY Oreo Cookie Halloween Costume

With our cookie form glued and dried, it was time for us to add the best part of any Oreo cookie…that magical fluffy white filling. For the Oreo cookie filling, we used Christmas village snow that I had way too much of (and after making this costume, I still have way too much!). To attach the filling, we ran hot glue over the face of the rubber pad in small sections and pressed the fluffy snow into the glue. Tip: use a lot of glue!! [I think another option for adhering the filling to the rubber would be double-stick tape. (Or, if you use white foam as suggested above, I think you could skip this part altogether.)]

DIY Oreo Cookie Halloween Costume

And finally…finally…the moment Grace had been waiting three looong weeks for…that smile pretty much sums it up!

DIY Oreo Cookie Halloween Costume

She was beaming as she donned her Oreo cookie costume. She was giddy with excitement and proud of what she had accomplished. She wanted to be an Oreo cookie and now she was an Oreo cookie. How cool is that?!? Our hard work, creativity, and teamwork had paid off. Thank goodness Halloween was only 2 days away at this point because she didn’t want to take it off!

The complete DIY Amaaazing Oreo Cookie Halloween Costume reveal to follow!!

Until next time,

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