DIY Amaaazing Oreo Cookie Halloween Costume: Day 2

Our DIY Amaaazing Oreo Cookie Halloween Costume is coming along fabulously!

We are now on Day 2 of our DIY Amaaazing Oreo Cookie Halloween Costume. You can see Day 1 here. Our goals for Day 2 consisted of getting all of the little pieces on the cookie faces securely glued down and getting at least one coat of spray painting done. Grace was happy to take charge of this part of the project and I was happy to let her!

She started off by using a hot glue gun to glue down all of the chipboard circle pieces. That took all of about 10 minutes. She then used wood glue to glue down all of the little wooden craft spoons around the outer edge of each Oreo cookie face. This part  probably took the longest, about 45 minutes. Finally, she attached all of the little foam accent pieces and OREO letters which we had cut from self-adhesive foam sheets using my Cricut. All she had to do was peel off the backing and stick them down. This part was easy but still took some time, about 30 minutes. Looking back, I am very happy that I bought the self-adhesive foam sheets. It would have been a pain to have to glue all of those pieces down individually. Not to mention that they are cheap cheap, especially with a 40% coupon from Michael’s.

Grace gluing Oreo cookie costume pieces.

Grace glueing Oreo costume pieces down.

Grace gluing down Oreo cookie costume pieces.

Here are the Oreo cookie faces with all of the little pieces glued down and ready for spray painting.


Oreo cookie costume ready to be painted.

For the spray paint, we chose Rust-Oleum Painters Touch 2X Ultra Cover Paint + Primer in Satin Canyon Black. We purchased the spray paint at Menards and we bought three cans just to be safe. Let the fun begin. It was time for this Oreo to start looking like an Oreo! We started our painting outside but it was just a little too windy for my comfort zone so we moved  it into the garage. Not ideal but necessary. Surprisingly, one coat was good but not great. You will definitely want at least two coats of spray paint for deep even cover. (We used a $1.99 disposable table cloth for our painting mat. It worked great!)


Painting Oreo cookie costume

Hats off to Grace! Day 2 wrapped up with both of our goals accomplished. Now for the yummy, magical white filling. That part might be a little trickier but, I have a few ideas churning around in my brain. Remember, we could do easy but that would not be amaaazing now would it??

Until next time,

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