Back to Reality After an Amazing Tropical Vacation

How do you get back to reality after an amazing NOW Jade Resort & Spa tropical vacation?



One week later, I have yet to figure that out. Kicking and screaming possibly, but that isn’t very gracious now is it? What can I say? I enjoy the sand between my toes, 88 degrees and sunny, unlimited tropical fruity drinks, the sound of ocean waves crashing, and amazing, beautiful sunrises peaking through lush palm trees. This time last Monday, I was still smack dab in the middle of paradise thousands of miles away. Today, we are all back at work, school, real life. Reality bites sometimes but such is life.


The reason for this wonderful Mexico vacation  was to attend our daughter’s wedding. It was a day and trip to remember. Spending 5 days with our family, our new amazing extended family, friends, the hubby, and Grace was, hands down, the best 5 days of my year thus far. I found myself relaxed and at ease on this trip. By day two, I had found my vacation groove, complete with my Kindle good reads and delicious morning coffee enjoyed ocean-side each and every morning. Yep. That’s going to be a pretty tough thing to beat back at home in Wisconsin!


Thank goodness for all of the amazing photos we took to keep the memories lingering long after our return to reality.

In this case, pictures are worth a thousand words and feelings and abundant with God’s blessings and all of the goodness in our life. I cannot wait to document this beautiful chapter of our life in scrapbook and Project Life layouts. I will be sure to share them soon!

Until next time,

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