Words Matter Letterpress Blocks Are Stylish and Meaningful

Thanks to Kate Matoung and her giveaway at Five Minute Friday, I found inCourage and these amazing Words Matter Letterpress Blocks. I absolutely love all of them and look forward to purchasing a few sets to decorate the walls and mantles in our home. I don’t know how I will choose the perfect pieces ( I love them all!) or perhaps I will create a custom piece. The possibilities are endless and the option to Build Your Own Words letterpress blocks makes this product even more appealing. I also adore the bookend pieces. Choices, choices, choices. I will share photos of my selections once they are proudly displayed in our home. They will be the perfect addition to any space I can find. These would make awesome gifts as well – stylish, unique, personal!

Currently, I am leaning towards the Joy or Grateful letterpress blocks as my first purchase. These two words just resonate with me and serve as reminders of the constant blessings in my life. I am moved to feel joy and gratitude just by looking at these words and they will serve as good reminders when I am having a less-than-5-star day. I also want to share these feelings and words with friends and family who come to our home. There can never be too much joy or gratitude in our homes or lives.

Words Matter Letterpress Block-Grateful

Words Matter Letterpress Block-JOY

And the custom piece I created for above our headboard using the Letterpress Blocks Build Your Own Words interface…

Words Matter Letterpress BLock-This Love


I enjoy searching for unique home decor that not only decorates our home but reflects who we are in a simple, yet stylish way. These could not be more perfect!

Stay tuned for updates on my letterpress press block purchase and display of them in our home. I can’t wait!

Until next time,

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