DIY Amaaazing Oreo Cookie Halloween Costume: Day 1

Halloween is one of Grace’s favorite holidays. She loves coming up with costume ideas and this process usually starts in early September. She is a crafty girl by nature so it typically doesn’t take her too long to come up with a costume idea. She also isn’t indecisive (unlike me). Once the idea is in her head, it is there. She’s done. If I try to suggest alternatives or other choices, she isn’t having it. My job from this point is how to make her costume come to life. Once she has decided on her costume, her inner planner is unleashed as she decides how she will make it, what supplies she will need, where we should go to buy said supplies, and selecting said supplies (sometimes the most challenging part of it all). We do try to use as much stuff from around the house as we can. Raiding our crafting stash and re-purposing our supplies is always a good time. It’s good mother-daughter bonding time because we both really enjoy being crafty. She always has such fun with it!

This year Grace has decided to be an Oreo cookie for Halloween. Challenging? Yes. Are we up for the challenge? Absolutely! I am glad we decided to get an early start on the Oreo cookie costume idea as it has kind of been a work in progress. I think we have it under control and are now well on our way to creating a fabulous DIY Oreo Cookie Halloween Costume. I love, love, love those moments when you feel like you are finally in control of a project and have a plan.

Grace doesn’t really do ordinary. This Oreo cookie costume project will be no exception. Could it be made easier than how we have chosen to make it. Most certainly. But, if you are going to make a DIY costume, then you need to do it right. Grace doesn’t want to be just another Oreo cookie. She wants to be an amaaazing Oreo cookie. So, that has become our focus, our goal. Now, off to the fun part – creating it!

How to make an Amaaazing DIY Oreo Cookie Halloween Costume!

Step 1: We searched the internet for an Oreo cookie design template to use as our guide for creating the cookie surfaces. This is the one we selected and we found it here.

Oreo cookie template

Step 2: We cut out two large cardboard circles. Ours are about 29.5 in. in diameter. (It hits Grace just above the knees so that she is able to walk with banging into it.)

Step 3: We used wooden craft spoons to create the outside border of the Oreo cookie. (We used one bag of 75 ct. However, I think they need to be closer together so we going to get a second bag today and fill in the gaps. We improvised on this because I didn’t want to have to hand-cut all of these pieces. In the end, this will all be spray painted brown/black so this was a time-saving alternative for us.)

DIY Oreo cookie costume



Step 4: We used (10) 1″ Bazzill Chip circles for the centers of the rosette design. (Others options for this would be buttons or foam circle pieces. We did not use paper because we wanted the cookie surface to have dimension, rather than being flat. My scrapbooking stash always come in handy for projects like this!)

DIY Oreo cookie costume


Step 5: I used my Cricut machine to cut out the green and blue (semi) triangular accents and the black oblong accents from self-adhesive foam sheets. Even though the Cricut did not cut all of the way through the foam sheets (on the strongest pressure setting it cut about half way through), we at least had lines to follow which made hand-cutting the pieces out much easier for Grace and I! For the triangular accents, I used the doghouse roof image found on the Doodlecharms Cricut Cartridge. For the oblong accent pieces, I used the brackets design found on the Plantin Schoolbook Cricut Cartridge. Using the Cricut saved a ton of time and made all of the cutting so much easier. I love my Provocraft Cricut Personal Electronic Cutter and I have to say that I use it pretty much equally between scrapbooking and non-scrapbooking projects.)

DIY Oreo Cookie costume


So, this is where Day 1 of the Amaaazing DIY Oreo Cookie Halloween Costume ended.  Pretty productive and about half-way completed. Today we will add more wooden spoons to the outside border, cut out and add the most important part, O-R-E-O, and then start gluing everything down.

DIY Oreo Cookie Costume

Until next time,

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