DIY Simple Window Treatments Pack Style Punch

Our new home has incredible views from pretty much any room/angle and I was very torn over whether or not we even needed window treatments. Well, that proved to be a silly question. I quickly realized that we indeed needed window treatments, if anything, just to make our home feel more cozy and complete.

To begin with, we purchased flat-fold fabric roman shades from Select Blinds as the base window treatment in our great room. As usual, I was not disappointed with this selection. They were exactly what I had envisioned and they were perfect for the clean and simple look I was going for. However, there is clean and simple and then there is boring and bland and because the roman shades were so close to our wall color, they kind of got swallowed up by the walls. We needed some pops of color…and fast.

I briefly considered custom-made window treatments. Briefly. Have you seen what those things go for?!? If I spent that kind of money on my window treatments, they would have to be a forever purchase and that was a suffocating thought. After looking at hundreds of styles, colors, and patterns and spiraling into analysis paralysis, I decided to switch gears. Rather than purchase custom-made window treatments for $$$, what if I made them?  I could save money and get exactly what I wanted. The optimistic frugal DIY-er in me was ready for the challenge. My search for DIY window treatments did not take long as I had pretty good vision of the style I wanted. I wanted flat valances on decorative rods to hang over the roman shades and I wanted window box cornices for our large dining room and great room windows.  I was fairly confident in my ability to sew a flat rectangle and man a staple gun!

Choosing the fabric was what nearly sent me over the edge in all of this. There are so many gorgeous fabrics…colors and designs alike. However, because our home has a very open floor plan, I wanted different yet coordinating fabrics for the great room and dining room window treatments. Alas, after a trip to Jo-Ann Fabrics, alone and on a mission, my vision came full circle. I love those a-ha moments!

Here are the fabrics that I chose:

Window Treatment Fabrics

The DIY Flat Valances that I made that complement our very pretty yet very neutral roman shades perfectly…

DIY Flat Valance


And, the DIY Window Cornice was just what our dining room needed to add a touch of color and style…

DIY Window Cornice


I am extremely happy with how both of these projects turned out! We went from bland to stylish in two days. In the end, I would say that these DIY window treatments cost me under $200 – for everything – fabric, batting for the cornice, sewing machine upholstery needles and thread, and four curtain rods. In my research, that is what ONE custom-made window treatment would have cost. A shout out here to Jo-Ann Fabrics sales and coupons!!

The best part of this DIY project is that I don’t feel like I am married to them forever. For now, they are perfect and give me endless decorating options in colors that I love. However, if I ever decide to change paint colors in either of these rooms, I will not feel guilty about changing the window treatments to something new and different!

Until next time,

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