A Picture-Perfect Sunday afternoon.

I relish spending time with our kids and granddaughter and I love it even more when we get together for no particular reason. These are the times in my life when all is right in the world and my heart experiences pure and simple joy. A few weeks ago, Anne, Zac and Joni came to visit us on a Sunday afternoon…for no particular reason. We had lunch and just hung out.  It was a picture-perfect Sunday afternoon!

Joni, being a little over 2 now, provides non-stop entertainment. She loves being the center of attention and she does it without even trying much of the time. But hey, she IS incredibly cute and sassy so why wouldn’t she steal the show? As she bounces from one thing to the next in the bat of an eye, we all manage to follow along so that we don’t miss a thing. It is amazing to see how much she changes from one visit to the next and to see how quickly she is growing up. She is completely full of wonder and as I watch her play and interact with all of us and the world around her, I can’t help but wonder myself…how did this happen?

How did she go from being the sweet little bundle that fit perfectly in your arms to Little Miss Independent ready to take on the world?!?

Until next time,

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