A Great Family Excursion!

Grace viewing the Trail map.
Our Fearless Leader

What better way to enjoy these picture perfect last days of summer than by hiking the trails at Devils’ Lake State Park in Baraboo. The views were stunning, the hiking trails spectacular and the entire afternoon was pleasant in every way. This family excursion also provided some prime bonding time as we took on some of the most challenging and difficult hiking trails and managed to hike our entire way around the Lake. Grace was not in this for easy and boring and the hiking trails that we chose and occasionally “stumbled” onto certainly delivered. There were a few times when I am certain we went rogue and were not even on “trails”.

Devil’s Lake Trail – Balanced Rock

Steep climbing trail more like an uneven rocky staircase. Balanced rock is 3/4 way up, about 100 feet off the trail. Many scenic views.

We chose to hike one of the steepest and most difficult of the trails, Balanced Rock Trail. While there certainly wasn’t anything balanced about it, it definitely delivered in terms of thrills, challenge, adventure and spectacular views. We wove in and out of wooded areas, ventured to the bluff’s edges, and made the long and winding descent from the top of the “mountain” via the Balanced Rock Trail. It was one of the situations where it was better to keep looking down at where you were instead of where you were going….that view was rather daunting (scary, too). There were tons of rock, BIG rocks, everywhere. I am happy to say our mission was accomplished with no injuries…other than sore quads for Dan and Grace. Next time we may have to up the challenge and hike up Balanced Rock.

All in all, we managed to get in a little over 2.5 hours of hiking time, ascending/descending the trails and circling the ENTIRE lake, which also included a well-deserved ice cream break. We took on the most difficult trails in the beginning and appreciated the easy trails as we found our way back to our starting point. I could not have asked for a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon. I definitely want to go back when the trees are changing colors and there is a chill in the air! I can almost picture the breathtaking views from the bluffs…

Until next time,

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