Making homemade meatballs with kids is super easy and fun!

Grace's homemade meatballs.
{The finished product was delicious!}

Lucky for me, Grace has begun taken a liking to the kitchen. This week she wanted to make dinner and even went so far as ordering me out of the kitchen to go sit and chill. While I did not go “sit and chill”, I did put her in charge of the main menu item, Homemade Meatballs.

She was all ears as I explained to her how to read the recipe first, gather needed utensils and ingredients beforehand, and then follow the recipe directions carefully. Her first task, prepare finely chopped onions which involved just a few tears. Next up, she placed all ingredients into mixing bowl to mix and mash — with her hands. She wasn’t too excited about the mix and mash concept at first, but she got over that pretty quickly as you can see in the photos. Lastly, she shaped the mixture into perfect meatballs and placed them in the oven to cook. Mission accomplished. Grace moved on to preparing the spaghetti while I got to work on slicing zucchini for our side dish.

Making homemade meatballs with kids is super easy and fun and here’s why:

  • Minimal yet familiar ingredients – our Betty Crocker recipe had just 5 ingredients
  • Dump and mix concept – no first this, then that – just pour it all together
  • They can get down and dirty – I encourage mixing and mashing with hands
  • Forming the meatballs is fun – imagine playdough….

We combined our homemade meatballs with spaghetti and baked zucchini chips for a very tasty dinner. I think I could get used to Grace in the Kitchen!

Until next time,

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